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    Uncovering the Best Mortgage Possibilities

    By Jennifer Heller | February 8, 2023

    Are you in the market for a new home but unsure of the best mortgage options for you? Let’s explore the different mortgage options available, discuss the benefits of each option, and provide tips for a smoother home buying process. Read More

    To Sell or Pass Down a Family Vacation Home?

    By Gwinn Volen | January 29, 2023

    By Gwinn Volen My childhood memories of being in the country are vivid. Whippoorwills singing and frogs croaking in the pond at night. The smell of horses, cows and freshly bush hogged pastures. Sleepovers with cousins and friends, and even after-prom parties in high school. Once my kids were born, they too got to experience... Read More

    Meet PVPV Rawlings PTO President Jennifer Cleek

    By Jennifer Heller | January 27, 2023

    PVPV Rawlings Elementary is not only home of the Sea Turtles but an amazing Parent Teach Organization (PTO) that pours in to the school, its teachers, faculty and students. We’ve said “It Takes a Village” and support of the PTO is essential is each and every school. PVPV Rawlings is fortunate to have Jennifer Cleek... Read More

    Tackling the Green Monster at The Gate River Run

    By Jennifer Heller | January 25, 2023

    The largest 15k race in the U.S. is the Gate River Run, and it happens yearly here in Jacksonville, Florida, on the second Saturday in March. Eagerly anticipated by serious and recreational runners alike, mile seven or so consists of running across a bridge that on a normal day is not accessible to runners at... Read More

    Meet Ocean Palms Elementary PTO President, Jen Werba

    By Jennifer Heller | January 23, 2023

    There so many great reasons to call Ponte Vedra Beach home. This quaint resort community is an absolute joy with amazing landscape and the beautiful beaches. Families, however, have the added incentive of the A-Rated St. Johns County schools that are consistently named best in the state. It takes a village though to raise our... Read More

    Meet Ponte Vedra High School PTO President, Lyn Gabrielsen

    By Jennifer Heller | January 19, 2023

    One of the top things about buying real estate in Ponte Vedra Beach, aside from the beach, is the school district. Families in Ponte Vedra Beach are fortunate to be part of the St. Johns County School District which is consistently the #1 A-rated school district in the state. In 2023, St. Johns County School... Read More

    Meet Landrum Middle School PTO President, Kristin Glunt

    By Jennifer Heller | January 17, 2023

    There are so many reasons to move to Ponte Vedra Beach in St. Johns County. It’s not just a cozy seaside resort community but it is also located in the St. Johns County School District, a top rated district in the state of Florida. Whether moving to a small town or big city, it can... Read More

    5 Tips for Moving an Aging Parent

    By Jennifer Heller | January 11, 2023

    When it comes time to move a parent it can be stressful, whether moving to independent living, assisted living or any type of senior facility. It’s a time filled with great emotion when they may be missing their younger days of great independence and the home they have grown accustomed to. Things like fear of... Read More

    What is a Homestead Exemption?

    By Jennifer Heller | January 4, 2023

    What is a Homestead Exemption? In the state of Florida, if you own a home that is your primary residence, you can file for a Homestead Exemption. This exemption places a maximum property tax increase on your home of just 3%. It’s important to note that there are other exemptions you may be eligible for... Read More

    Senior Living: 5 Things to Know About Senior Living Communities

    By Jennifer Heller | December 21, 2022

    Remember when your parents couldn’t wait to be empty nesters, have the house all to themselves or maybe even downsize? As kids we rarely give thought to our parents aging and being less independent but realistically we know it’s inevitable. The time will come when we need to take a long hard look at senior... Read More