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5 Bangin’ Burger Joints at the Beach

Welcome to the sunny shores of Jacksonville, where the sand, surf, and delights come together to create a burger lover’s paradise! If you’re on the hunt for the juiciest, most flavor-packed burgers in town, we have some suggestions that may knock your socks off. We’ve rounded up five bangin’ burger joints from our readers that will tickle your taste buds and leave you craving for more. From beachside spots with a laid-back vibe to trendy spots with a dash of elegance, these burger havens serve up perfection on a bun, all while you soak in the sun and enjoy the ocean breeze. So, grab your flip-flops and get ready for a burger adventure that’s sure to satisfy your cravings!

Pusser’s Bar and Grille

Calling all burger enthusiasts! If you haven’t experienced the burger paradise at Pusser’s Bar and Grille in Ponte Vedra Beach, you’re missing out on some serious flavor! This waterside restaurant offers a laid-back atmosphere with stunning lakefront views and top-notch service. My go-to burger is the Kingston Burger, piled high with grilled pineapple and onions. But hold up, that’s not all they have to offer – if burgers aren’t your jam, fear not! Pusser’s boasts a lineup of mouthwatering dishes like the infamous Ahi Poke Crisp or the refreshing Jamaican Cobb Salad. Oh, and let’s not forget their well-earned reputation for having the “Best Happy Hour” in town, featuring fresh local seafood, scrumptious Caribbean fare, and a incredible selection of tropical drinks, including the world-famous Pusser’s Painkiller. Whether you’re in the mood for an indoor cozy hangout or an outdoor breeze-kissed dining experience, Pusser’s has got you covered.

Nona Blue

Step into Nona Blue Modern Tavern, where the best of a tavern’s friendly vibes and a high-end casual restaurant’s quality come together to create a place that celebrates community and abundant food options. Located in Ponte Vedra Beach’s Sawgrass Village, this gem is one of Florida’s two fantastic Nona Blue locations. Oh, let me tell you, there’s so much to love about this place, but let’s focus on what really matters right now – the burgers!

Nona Blue knows how to do burgers right. They’ve got the Veggie Burger for the plant-based folks, The All American for those classic cravings, and of course, the show-stopping Nona Burger that’s pure bliss on a bun. But that’s not all; the Nona Blue concept goes beyond just burgers. They believe in the power of sharing good food with good company, and that’s why they offer an array of “Shareables” on the menu. It’s all about community dining, where you can pass around delicious bites among your group or savor them as a satisfying solo meal.

And let me tell you, the menu is a real crowd-pleaser. With such diversity, there’s something for everyone at Nona Blue. Bring your friends, your family, or even that picky eater you know – they’ll find their food heaven right here. Nona Blue is all about creating a social dining experience that brings people together over scrumptious meals. So, when you’re looking for a place that blends casual cool with top-notch quality and a whole lot of heart, Nona Blue Modern Tavern is the spot to be!


For over two decades, Cruisers Grill has stood as an iconic restaurant within Jacksonville’s culinary landscape. Since its debut in 1996 at Jacksonville Beach, Florida, this beloved hotspot has been a go-to destination for locals, tourists, and families seeking a laid-back and welcoming dining experience. At Cruisers Grill, you’re encouraged to come as you are and unwind in a relaxed atmosphere, escaping the daily grind for a truly delightful experience. Families, in particular, find solace here, as kids can be kids, and adults can savor their favorite burgers without breaking the bank. The vibe is alive with great music and entertaining TVs, ensuring that everyone enjoys their time to the fullest. But let’s talk about the real star of the show – the menu! Cruisers Grill serves up an irresistible selection of mouth-watering burgers, alongside handspun shakes, marinated chicken chunks, scrumptious quesadillas, and an array of other delectable offerings. The combination of a laid-back ambiance and a menu that caters to every taste bud has captured the hearts of countless customers, solidifying Cruisers Grill’s place as a true gem in Jacksonville’s culinary landscape.

Graffiti Burger

Get ready to sink your teeth into burger heaven at Graffiti Junktion, the ultimate American Burger Bar in Jacksonville Beach! If you’re looking for a quality burger, this is the place as they serve up 100% Angus Beef that are hormone and antibiotic-free. And it doesn’t stop there; their menu serves up other delicious delights, including award-winning nachos, finger-licking wings, tasty wraps, and addictive zucchini fries. Whether you’re catching the game on their multiple high-definition TVs or jamming to your favorite tunes, Graffiti Junktion keeps it real with a simple and casual vibe. This place is all about savoring the essence of American comfort food while chilling in a laid-back atmosphere. So, if you’re on a mission to satisfy your burger cravings and embrace the true taste of the good ol’ USA, Graffiti Junktion is THE spot to be!


Craving a mouthwatering burger fix in Atlantic Beach, Florida or in Nocatee? Look no further than BurgerFi – the ultimate spot to sink your teeth into a juicy burger paired with some crispy fries! This popular fast-casual restaurant takes burger satisfaction to a whole new level with its commitment to high-quality, gourmet offerings and a big focus on sustainability and being eco-friendly. What makes them stand out from the crowd? Well, it’s their dedication to using top-notch ingredients and providing an environmentally conscious dining experience. They’ve got everyone covered too, with a diverse menu that caters to different dietary preferences, offering up delightful vegetarian and vegan options. The “Beyond Burger” and “VeggieFi Burger” have won the hearts of both meat lovers and non-meat eaters, earning BurgerFi a well-deserved reputation as a go-to place for burger enthusiasts who care about great taste and sustainable dining. So, if you’re on the hunt for a scrumptious burger joint that also takes care of our planet, BurgerFi is the one to hit up!

Coming Soon to Jacksonville Beach: Relish 

This summer step into Relish in Jacksonville Beach, where they are all about making your burger dreams come true – imagine lounging at the beach with a perfect burger in one hand and a cold beer in the other. But here’s the kicker – at Relish, that burger isn’t just any burger; it’s YOUR ideal creation, tailored to your exact tastes hassle-free — you become the mastermind behind your burger masterpiece. With forty fresh, natural ingredients at your disposal, you’re the boss. It’s like being a kitchen artist without the cooking hassle. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to craft a burger that matches your cravings and preferences to a T. Ready for this one-of-a-kind burger experience but can’t wait for the Jacksonville Beach location to open? Head to Relish in Mandarin while we await the beach location opening!

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