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A Hope-Filled Community: Inheritance of Hope Launches Hope Hub™

by Cindy Moody

I had the pleasure of meeting Jill Thompson, the founder of Inheritance of Hope, through her son, Cael, one of our Griffin Moody Scholarship Fund recipients this year.  It never ceases to amaze me the incredible kids we meet through our application and interview process, all established to honor our Grif’s legacy. This year, we also met Jill and how she honored her best friend, who passed and left behind a sweet family, by establishing this organization to support families that are facing the loss of a parent. Jill and I met for coffee shortly after we met and I asked her to share what she does.  There are heroes in our community, she is one of them, and I think our blog is a wonderful way to share.  Even if it helps only one family, it will be worth it.  There are also wonderful ways to volunteer, if you are searching for a way to share your time.

A Hope-Filled Community

Being around others who know and understand has a powerful impact. From a tight-knit neighborhood, a playgroup of young moms, a worship center of like-minded believers, or a work environment with mission-focused colleagues, the value of community is priceless. 

Jacksonville will soon provide a hope-filled community for a special group of families when Inheritance of Hope launches Hope Hub™ Jacksonville in August!

I​nheritance of Hope is a national nonprofit organization that serves families facing the loss of a parent due to a life-threatening illness. ​Their programming includes weekend family retreats, online weekend events, and nightly online meetings, each focusing on connecting family members with others in families who “get it.” The families that Inheritance of Hope serves are journeying through the terminal illness of a parent – some are in the middle of difficult treatments or surgeries and some have already experienced the loss of a parent. 

​Do you know a family that has children 18 and under with a parent battling a life-threatening illness like cancer or ALS? Tell them about Inheritance of Hope! Invite them to Hope Hub™ Jacksonville and share about the other programs and resources that Inheritance of Hope offers on their website. 

Do you have a heart to serve others who are hurting? Check out the Inheritance of Hope volunteer page and sign up to serve at Hope Hub™. The cost for Hope Hub™ and other Inheritance of Hope programs is covered completely by generous donations so there is no cost for families to participate. 

As a community, we are given sweet opportunities to connect with others and offer love and encouragement. During a time when many families feel very alone and afraid, Inheritance of Hope is offering community and connection, and our city gets to be part of it. We can link arms and walk alongside families in our community who need hope. 

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