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Accotink Academy students and Operation Footprint team up

By Heather Jones

Accotink Academy, a local preschool, is known for its parent involvement. This year, Accotink Academy parent, Dr. Tim Syperek, a local podiatrist, is helping teach the children about the gift of caring and compassion.

Syperek annually participates in the organization Operation Footprint. He along with a few other doctors will be traveling to Honduras this week, where they will perform surgery on children with club feet.

These children travel by foot for hours, with their parents through the jungle to these doctors.  The doctors perform surgery on as many children as they can during the 8 days they are there.

Dr. Syperek has fallen in love with these children and families. Last year, his sons, Kingston and Finn (both Accotink students) sold lemonade for months and raised money to send stuffed animals to the kids who had surgery. They ended up sending around 40 stuffed animals and the kids LOVED them. Most of the children had never had one before!

This year Accotink Academy asked for each student to bring in one stuffed animal for these children.  Accotink families went above and beyond with their donations!

The Syperek family feels so blessed to be surrounded with such generous families in the community. The children in Honduras will give these animals so much love, and the doctors will get such joy bringing them.

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