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Adopt, Don’t Shop: Who Rescued Who? Week 2

Unless you have been living in a cave since New Years Eve or have joined the cast of Survivor on a deserted island somewhere in Fiji, then you’ve heard the unfortunate news that the amazing and iconic Betty White passed away on 12/31/21. She was not only incredibly talented and entertaining but also quite the advocate for animals. Not just household pets either. A recent documentary about her life showed sweet Betty seated alongside a black bear and was, what she described as “overjoyed and in heaven alongside the amazing animal.” In honor of this Golden Girl’s 100th Birthday on January 17th, the #BettyWhiteChallenge was launched to advocate for rescue animals by donating $5 to a local animal shelter in her name. We’re dropping this week’s edition of Who Rescued Who early to help with that campaign. At the end of this sweet story you will find all the local animal shelters in there area where you can participate in the Betty White Challenge by donating just $5. Now … let’s meet Taiga, this week’s Adopt Don’t Shop: Who Rescued Who spotlight.

This week’s adoption success story is from Amy Lynn Mongan who has several rescue babies. Amy says “All you need to do is walk through the Jacksonville Humane Society kennels to understand the importance of adoption. The animals there have been cast aside by their previous owners, removed from unsafe homes and rejected by those they trusted. They deserve a second chance. You can see it on their faces. Adoption goes two ways. It heals your soul and renews that pups faith in humanity. I can’t think of anything more meaningful than that.” Amy is momma to this week’s sweet boy, Taiga, rescued from the Jacksonville Humane Society. Amy found Taiga when she was donating sheets and blankets to the Humane society on a particularly cold February morning. At that time she already had one rescue dog and was not really looking for another but spotted Taiga on a walk with one of the Humane Society staff and it was love at first sight!

Meet Taiga

Why Taiga?
When we met, Taiga was about 35 pounds. He had the most soulful eyes and the happiest smile. When I sat down he came right up to me and put his head in my lap as if to say “Please get me out of here”. The staff recommended I bring my other dog over to ensure they would get along and of course they did. Since that day, Taiga has been mommy’s favorite and I have never seen him be aggressive to anyone. He’s just a big lovie!

Tell us about Taiga’s history
The Humane society folks told met that Taiga was removed from his home due to it being an unsafe environment. When we met he already knew how to sit and come and I SWEAR he understands everything I say to him. He was 2.5 years old when we adopted him and now he’s 8.

Have you had to help Taiga get over any past traumas?
Taiga gained 30 pounds in my care so it is no surprise that he has food issues and I am sure he was starved. It has taken a while but he has realized that he can eat more slowly and no one will take his food away.  The poor baby had hook worms and pin worms and gas that could clear a room! It took about 8 months to clear those parasites. Initially, he would not let me pet his lower back. He would leap up and run away and cower. Now he is momma’s snuggle bunny.

How has Taiga changed your life?
As I already admitted, Taiga is my favorite kid. His soulful eyes understand me and they show me how far we have come with trust and in our relationship. Taiga is also a big brother to his sister Epi who is another rescue. They became a pack immediately and I URGE anyone who has one pup to adopt a second. They comfort each other and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Tell us about your experience working with The Jacksonville Humane Society
Those folks are amazing. They guided me through how to introduce one dog to another on site in the play area. They assisted me to complete the paperwork and even gave us a leash! No way could I do what they do and I am so grateful.

What do you want people to know about Taiga?
What more could I say? This boy is the love of my life! I would urge people to rescue instead of “shopping” for dogs because the kennels are full of amazing pups like Taiga who need a loving home. To think of my sweet boy sleeping in a concrete kennel in cold February breaks my heart and I am so happy he is in our warm home and covered with kisses at all times.

What would you want people to know about adopting a pet?
Do not be afraid to adopt! These pups are the MOST grateful for a second chance at love.

So who rescued who?
He rescued me of course! But he is also an amazing brother to our other two rescues and I love our sweet four-pawed kids

So What’s Taiga up to these days?
Taiga continues to be worm-free and is up to 65 pounds. He is on duty to protect our backyard from squirrels and plays bitey face with his brother and sister. Taiga sees his friends at Coastal Vet Clinic daycare a couple times a month, gets two walks a day and sleeps on a big comfy couch every night. He is living the dream and we cannot imagine our lives without him.

Adoptable Spotlight: Happy Tails to Happy Trails

Currently waiting for new homes at The Jacksonville Humane Society

Meet Cosito

Too cute to resist!

Cosito is a mixed breed, medium size, male dog. He weighs about 53 lbs and he’s estimated to be almost 3 years old. This sweet boy anxiously awaits his new home! He loves car rides and snuggling and also knows his basic commands. If you would like to meet Cosito, stop by the Jacksonville Humane Society. Cosito’s adoption ID is: JHS-A-76711

Meet Sharpie

Cuteness Overload!

Sharpie is a mixed breed, medium size, male dog. He weighs about 47 lbs and he’s estimated to be about 7 years old. Sharpie loves long walks, run, tug of war and flirt pole. He also loves playing fetch and knows all the basic commands. His snacks of choice are Pupperoni and Beggin’ Strips! If you would like to meet Cosito, stop by the Jacksonville Humane Society. Sharpie’s adoption ID is: JHS-A-80027

If adoption is not a possibility for you, you might consider fostering and giving a loving home temporarily to a pet in need to help alleviate some of the shelter overcrowding while a new family is found for them.

Nearby Shelters

Jenn Heller is the Operations Manager for The Volen Group, Keller Williams Luxury International, with over 18 years experience in Real Estate.  She is a Jacksonville resident via Long Island, NY since 1991, a crafter, chalk painter and an avid fitness enthusiast.

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