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Author Archives: Jennifer Heller

    Top Asian Food Find in Jacksonville

    By Jennifer Heller | March 20, 2022

    By Niyati Patege, Senior Student and 2022 Ponte Vedra Focus Scholarship Winner, Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School The Northeast Jacksonville area is home to a variety of different cultures and identities providing a colorful backdrop to experience the diversity of the world. One of the greatest things Jacksonville has to offer is a rich, cultural food scene,... Read More

    New Restaurant Opens in Jacksonville Beach

    By Jennifer Heller | March 9, 2022

    New Restaurant Opens in Jacksonville Beach Sushi lovers gather around, there’s new beachside dining restaurant in Jacksonville Beach. O-Ku Jacksonville Beach opened in mid-February just in time for THE PLAYERS Championship. O-Ku is located in Jacksonville Beach directly across from the pier at 502 1st St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250. I’m a bit of... Read More

    THE PLAYERS Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach

    By Jennifer Heller | March 7, 2022

    Welcome to TPC Week in Ponte Vedra Beach Every March our cozy little resort town of Ponte Vedra Beach shines in the spotlight as THE PLAYERS Championship rolls into town. The excitement of this season brings incredible joy to all residents in the area as the anticipation builds while watching directional signs go up and... Read More

    Wanna Run Duuuval? The Gate River Run is On!

    By Jennifer Heller | February 25, 2022

    The running community has rested well from The Donna: Breast Cancer Marathon on February 6, 2022 and is now gearing up for The Gate River Run. As a former runner, this was one of my favorites. Traversing the neighborhoods filled with people lining the roads cheering for the runners was so encouraging. Seeing the Green... Read More

    A Labor of Love: Playful Creations Spark Joy at the Beaches

    By Jennifer Heller | February 18, 2022

    One of the great things about living at the beaches, whether it’s Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach or Neptune is the culture and community spirit! There’s something just incredibly fulfilling that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’ve been around the beach long enough you’ve no doubt come across a cute and colorful... Read More

    Adopt Don’t Shop: Who Rescued Who? Week 3

    By Jennifer Heller | February 10, 2022

    We have loved the opportunity to share pet rescue and adoption success stories and are excited to share another. Meet Stacey Steiner and her fabulous furbaby Hamilton formerly known as Jupiter, a sweet min pin! Stacey saw “Jupiter” on the Facebook Page for Beaches Animal Clinic in 2019 and decided to go meet him in... Read More

    Golfing in St. Johns

    By Jennifer Heller | February 2, 2022

    Golfing is a huge draw to Florida where courses are open year round, there’s no snow, or dare we say, blizzards, to squash your tee time. Ocassionally you will have to tackle some dipping temps below 50 degrees and possibly a tropical storm in the fall. Let’s face it, we have amazing weather here in... Read More

    Adopt, Don’t Shop: Who Rescued Who? Week 2

    By Jennifer Heller | January 15, 2022

    Unless you have been living in a cave since New Years Eve or have joined the cast of Survivor on a deserted island somewhere in Fiji, then you’ve heard the unfortunate news that the amazing and iconic Betty White passed away on 12/31/21. She was not only incredibly talented and entertaining but also quite the... Read More

    10 FAQ Shedding Light on Solar Panels

    By Jennifer Heller | January 8, 2022

    The Chase Bank building in Ponte Vedra Beach is also home to our Keller Williams Luxury International office at 190 A1A North where recently solar panels were installed on the roof. The same week a customer asked us about the new Tesla roof (which I never heard of) and suggestions for solar panel company. Later... Read More

    Adopt Don’t Shop: Who Rescued Who? Week 1

    By Jennifer Heller | January 4, 2022

    One of the things we love most in life is our pets! Some of us dress them up and take them everywhere they go. A thanksgiving dinner topic while with family was whether the dog should sleep in the bed with us or not. I’m all YES for that one as long as they don’t... Read More