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Baccalaureate & PV High School

One of the best times of your life comes when you finally close out one chapter and move to another. Graduating high school is just that event. It’s the milestone students look forward to for at least 13 years. Parents, overwhelmed with pride and joy, will reflect back to the day they dropped their little one off for kindergarten while holding back tears leaving their precious 5 year old excited in their seat. What seems like yesterday, you are now suddenly left waiting for the graduation commencement song to begin and your now grown student walking across the stage to be handed their diploma. This right of passage sometimes begins with baccalaureate.

Throughout the years, many a graduating class has celebrated their commencement from high school to college with a baccalaureate ceremony. A baccalaureate, once viewed as a religious ceremony to honor the graduating class, has since evolved into a time of reflection focusing on the student’s achievements and personal growth moving from high school to college.

With COVID changing how we do things these day it’s no surprise that many students will be missing out on some of the greatest milestones of their life … including the baccalaureate ceremony. Fortunately, the Ponte Vedra High School Class of 2021 has the opportunity to celebrate this year, to pause and reflect on June 3, 2021 thanks to Christ Episcopal Church and a parent-led committee. Interested to aid in planning? Register here. More info will be announced in May as details become clear but mom and dad, save the date!!!

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