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Bath House Pet Grooming and Spa in Jax Beach

At 20 weeks old Cash got his very first haircut! As a new parent to a Goldendoodle puppy, I am very particular about the products and people my furry son is around. After many conversations with other local pet owners it seemed like the most common recommendation was The Bath House. So I did my own research and loved what I saw. Their motto is all about making your dog feel like they are having a spa day and they use such carefully picked high quality products, I was practically already sold. Although Cash is half poodle, he has long straight hair and I am terrified to cut it too short. When I called they informed me of the Puppy Intro to Grooming service. This includes; a bath; brush & blow out; trim nails, ears, around feet, sanitary areas and vision. They also explained how they take their time to introduce the dog to each tool so that they are relaxed and comfortable once they go to use it. 

Located on 15th Ave S in Jax Beach, this local business makes sure to help customers feel safe by only allowing one inside at a time. I felt listened to because their total attention was on Cash and myself instead of trying to communicate in a lobby full of furry chaos. They allow you to drop off between 7:30-9:30am which is perfect for anyone on their way to work! I was so guilt-free knowing I could be at work for the day and my pup was going to be in good hands and well taken care of. I got a text in the late afternoon informing me he was done with his services; although you can pick them up as late as 5:30 in the evening if you are tied up somewhere else. Cash is normally home alone for a good portion of the day while I work so I loved the idea of him getting to socialize and play while they give him his very own spa day. 

The owner, Patrick, was very nice and welcoming. When I arrived to pick Cash up I was told that his groomer, Megan, left a note that he was amazing and so well behaved (which was reassuring because I definitely can’t get the boy to relax for a blow dry). Cash LOVED his first grooming service! Their mantra is gentleness and compassion and they sure seem to demonstrate that! He ran out from the back room looking like an absolutely gorgeous fluff ball. My Cash was so happy and wanted to stay and play! This boy has never smelled so delightful in his whole life! They use high quality premium organic oatmeal and aloe massaging bath and conditioner and now I can’t imagine spoiling him with anything else. The entire experience was so easy and put my nervous self at ease. All of the staff seem very understanding and truly enjoy being surrounded by dogs. Bath House allowed for my dog and myself to have a PAWsome day and we already can’t wait to go back and check out all the other great services that they offer.

I have nothing but PAWs-itive things to say about my experience. If you are interested in bringing your fur baby to The Bath House you can call them at (904)241-3293. They are located at 384 15th Avenue South, Jacksonville Beach, FL (behind the CVS). Their hours are 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. The website is . 

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  • Jenn HELLER
    Written on

    Cashboyyy is so cute. So glad he loved his first spa day! I’m sure there’s many more to come!

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