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    Be Bray-ve: Adopt a Donkey

    Loving donkey in need of a good home (the photo is not of the donkey in question).

    A local family who is selling their property can no longer care for their donkey and the new owners have said no thanks to the equine angel.

    On the fence? A recent article on  “donkey ren-assance” from Modern Farmer might help. For more information or to claim your next best friend contact Norma Rea at or Linda Morgan at

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    5 Responses to “Be Bray-ve: Adopt a Donkey”

    • Jamie Rich

      Written on

      Hey guys – the folks at Fantasy Farms in Ponte Vedra (off Roscoe) might be interested in adopting him. They take in exotic pets and have just opened to the public as a mini zoo and event venue. Check them out.

    • Rena

      Written on

      You may want to check with Bailey Farms located at 2202 Bishop Rd, St. John’s. They have a donkey’s and mules on their farm.

      I always wanted a donkey. I wish I could adopt him.

      Good Luck!!!

    • Norma

      Written on

      I’m very pleased to report that the donkeys are staying together and moving to Callahan on a very large lot/farm with horses.. Thanks to all that cared enough to reach out and want to help..


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