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    Pickleball Basics: Where to Play at the Beach

    By Jennifer Heller | September 4, 2023

    If you’ve noticed that pickleball has taken over the scene among all the rec fields in your neighborhood and all your friends are obsessed, you wouldn’t be alone. Recent statistics show that pickleball has claimed the title of the swiftest-growing sport in the United States, with a nearly 40% boost in popularity over the last... Read More

    Legacy Seeds: Tips To Cultivate Your Legacy Today

    By Admin | August 3, 2023

    by Cindy Moody There is something supremely gratifying about planting a seed and watching it grow. It is even more spectacular when it bears fruit that can be consumed and enjoyed. Having a green thumb that allows for such miraculous things seems to be a skill that is bestowed on a select group of individuals... Read More

    A Hope-Filled Community: Inheritance of Hope Launches Hope Hub™

    By Admin | July 25, 2023

    by Cindy Moody I had the pleasure of meeting Jill Thompson, the founder of Inheritance of Hope, through her son, Cael, one of our Griffin Moody Scholarship Fund recipients this year.  It never ceases to amaze me the incredible kids we meet through our application and interview process, all established to honor our Grif’s legacy.... Read More

    5 Great Jacksonville Day Spa Options for Every Price Point

    By Jennifer Heller | July 22, 2023

    Hello indulgence seekers! In this article, we’re spilling the beans on 5 Great Day Spa options in the Jacksonville and Beaches area, catering to every budget and pampering preference. Whether you’re looking to splurge on a luxurious retreat or seeking relaxation on a wallet-friendly scale, we’ve got you covered. From opulent havens of tranquility to... Read More

    Top 4 Springs to Day Trip from Jacksonville

    By Jennifer Heller | July 6, 2023

    Hey there, adventure seekers! Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey? Today, we’re diving into the natural wonders of Florida as we explore four stunning springs that are just a short day trip away from Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach. Get your sunscreen and your favorite float ready because we’re about to take... Read More

    Around Town: 5 Jacksonville Must Visit Attractions

    By Jennifer Heller | June 29, 2023

    When life gets hectic and we find ourselves caught up in the daily grind, it can be challenging to unwind and make the most of our weekends. While the beach is undoubtedly a popular choice (and one that I personally love), Jacksonville offers a plethora of other remarkable parks and attractions that often slip under... Read More

    Top 5 Favorite Restaurants in Atlantic and Neptune Beach

    By Jennifer Heller | June 21, 2023

    As a resident of Atlantic Beach who prefers to avoid the kitchen, I’ve had lots of opportunities to explore numerous restaurants in both Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach. It’s safe to say that when it comes to finding a good place to eat, these two beach areas offer an abundance of options that cater to... Read More

    5 Delicious Ice Cream Spots at The Beach

    By Jennifer Heller | June 13, 2023

    With school out for the summer and temperatures soaring, there’s no better time to pack up the beach towels, sunscreen, and head to the beach. And while building sandcastles and splashing in the waves can be exhilarating, we all know that the perfect beach day isn’t complete without a scoop (or two!) of creamy, refreshing... Read More

    Bird Island Park in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

    By Jennifer Heller | May 4, 2023

    The quaint seaside community of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida is famous for its stunning beaches, luxurious resorts, and prestigious golf courses. However, there is one hidden gem in this beach paradise that is often overlooked by tourists and locals alike: Bird Island Park. Bird Island Park is serene park perfect for quick outings for both... Read More

    Secrets of the Break: Top Two Surf Spots in Northeast Florida

    By Jennifer Heller | April 3, 2023

    By Avery Little The peace of paddling out into the endless blue, the exhilaration of dropping into a wave, the first unforgettable ride and if you are lucky, the way your heart skips when a dolphin takes a breath next to the board. Surfing has become a way of life for some right here in... Read More