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Category: Real Estate

    The Credit Score-Mortgage Rate Connection

    By Admin | September 15, 2023

    Are you thinking about buying a home? The prospect of being a homeowner is so exciting! However, before you dive headfirst into the whirlwind process, there's a step to consider: your credit score. Your credit score plays a pivotal role in determining the mortgage rate you'll qualify for, and understanding this relationship is vital for securing the best possible deal on your home loan. Let’s break down the ins and outs of how your credit score affects your mortgage rate and discuss ways to improve your creditworthiness. Read More

    Navigating the Pending Status: What It Really Means for Home Buyers and Sellers

    By Jennifer Heller | September 1, 2023

    So, your new home purchase is on the horizon with a “pending” status—congratulations! You’ve successfully navigated inspections, negotiations, and the offer has been accepted. But what does “pending” really mean? In this article we will be shedding light on the intricacies and offering valuable insights for both buyers and sellers on the pending status in... Read More

    House Hunt Dilemmas: Choosing Between Surfer Vibes, Neighborhood Charm, and Beachside Dreams!

    By Willow Logue | August 30, 2023

    by Willow Logue Most of the discussions around buying and selling are financial. For many, owning a home is the single biggest investment they will make.  Even if it’s not, understanding the finances is a very big part of the consideration. Lately, with current mortgage rates hovering around 7% and inventory low, all the headlines... Read More

    The House I Love is Under Contact. What Does That Mean?

    By Jennifer Heller | August 21, 2023

    That house you’ve been eyeing? Well, it’s officially labeled as “under contract” now. But don’t toss in the towel just yet—there might still be a glimmer of hope. So, what’s this “under contract” business all about? Gwinn Volen with The Volen Group says, “When a home goes under contract, it means the seller and buyer... Read More

    How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?

    By Admin | August 11, 2023

    by Aaron Bacus, Mortgage, First Coast Mortgage Funding The journey towards homeownership is an exciting one, filled with dreams of cozy living spaces, white picket fences, and the pride of calling a place your own. But before you dive headfirst into the world of real estate listings, it’s crucial to understand a fundamental question: How... Read More

    NE Florida Q2 Real Estate Data Shows Solid Market

    By Gwinn Volen | July 31, 2023

    By Gwinn Volen If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in St Johns County or Duval County, a look at the latest local real estate market statistics may offer you some insights. The NE Florida real estate market is holding strong. Real estate is a network of micro-economies, and NE Florida, unlike... Read More

    Saving Money on Mortgages: 9 Strategies for Homeowners

    By Admin | June 15, 2023

    by Aaron Bacus, First Coast Mortgage Funding Purchasing a home is a significant accomplishment! Mortgage payments can be a huge chunk of your monthly expenses, so it’s important to do all you can save money on your mortgage.  There are many strategies you can use to reduce your payments or pay off your mortgage faster... Read More

    Interning in Real Estate: Insights and Experiences from Grace Bennett of The Volen Group

    By Jennifer Heller | May 28, 2023

    Running a successful real estate business is no easy task. It comes with numerous challenges and intricate components that can overwhelm even the least busy agents. To thrive in this industry, having a competent team working alongside you is critical. Recognizing the need for additional support in 2022, The Volen Group decided to bring on... Read More

    Ponte Vedra Beach Oceanfront Sale Breaks Record

    By Admin | May 26, 2023

    For Release 5/25/2023 Stunning Modern Oceanfront Residence Sells at a Record-Breaking Price in 44 Days Ponte Vedra Beach, FL In just 44 days, 1329 Ponte Vedra Boulevard closed at a new NE Florida record high sales price of $16,250,000. The home is still a few months away from completion. “This is one of the most... Read More

    What is an Estate Sale and How Do They Work?

    By Jennifer Heller | April 11, 2023

    An estate sale is a type of sale that is held to liquidate a large portion or all of the possessions of an estate. Not to be mistaken with a garage sale which takes place in the driveway and/or yard of the home, an estate sales takes place within the home and is coordinated by... Read More