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    “Catering” by Trader Joes

    The joy that is Trader Joes has been captured in many a blog:

    Recently, I took my love to a new level and catered an entire cocktail party with stuff I bought from our local Trader Joes. I sadly did not make a stellar bouquet from their fab selection of inexpensive flowers. But, if you want inspiration for that, click here for a post from Styled by Emily Henderson.

    First, let’s start with some of my favorites. Prosciutto, Apricots, Marcona Almonds and more.

    Prosciutto, Apricots and Marcona Almonds

    They transformed nicely into a party tray.

    One of the trays of goodies

    Also on hand was some cheap, but decent TJ wine to pair it with, along with Gwinn’s version of crack, the dark chocolate peanut butter cups..delish!

    Dessert and pretty good $5 wine
    Dessert and pretty good $5 wine

    As with any relationship, I’ve had my share of problems with TJs. Not all of their products are made with “whole” foods, and the ingredient list on some products can be a scary as buying dinner from a gas station. Also, since they are constantly introducing new things, some old favorites can only be found seasonally – I am looking at you fabulous puff pastry!

    Any thing you recommend? What are you TJ favs?

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    3 Responses to ““Catering” by Trader Joes”

    • Annette Leisure

      Written on

      Frozen Chocolate Croissants…put the little frozen squares out to proof overnight. They inflate to 10x their size. Pop them in the oven for 20 minutes and you are brilliant. All you need is a cafe au lait!

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