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DogBeach Comes to Ponte Vedra Beach

By Jennifer Heller

Let’s face it, our dogs ARE family and there’s nothing more comforting than coming home after a long day and “Man’s Best Friend” is there wagging his tail and showing us all the love, affection and loyalty that makes us forget about our wretched day.

I’ll be completely honest, the best part of lockdown in 2020 was being home with my dog! Then suddenly I was faced with having to return to the office and looking into those sad eyes as I grabbed my keys and headed out for the day. Anyone else remember this or is it just me? It was the worst feeling ever! And somehow the days seemed even longer as I wondered what Joker (yes, that’s my dog’s name) was doing while I had ventured outside without him. I somehow knew he was sadly sitting on the couch while waiting for the clock to hit 5PM (Yes, Joker can tell time! He’s practically human!)

This entire scenario is why I am so excited that DogBeach, A DogTown Resort, is coming to Ponte Vedra Beach. Now Joker can have play dates, pool time, be seen by the vet and get a spa treatment all under the same WOOF! It’s PAWSITIVELY exciting news! No more sitting home alone on the couch waiting for us to get home while being bored and not getting any exercise. He’s a Pit Bull and needs lots of activity! He will definitely have a HOWLING good time at DogBeach and I can’t wait for him to visit a few times a week.

I had the opportunity to preview DogBeach with one of the owners, Barney, and now you can too! The resort is absolutely amazing and I don’t want to give too much away with lots of details and photos. They are saving the (bow) wow factor for your visit in person, but let’s just say that DogBeach will bring all the PUP-ARAZZI to town for all the scoop! Some of the features that set DogBeach apart?

  • It’s an all indoor facility offering year round play
  • No weather restrictions
  • No breed restrictions
  • It’s TRULY a resort!
  • All inclusive with Sea Oats Animal Hospital, grooming, boarding and daycare
  • Indoor pool for the doggie paddle!!

Plan to tour DogBeach at the Preview Party on Wednesday, August 25 from 6:30 – 8:30PM! It’s going to be PAW-SOME! DogBeach is located at 830 A1A North in Tournament Plaza (alongside Tropical Smoothie and Luxury For Less). Come ready to be impressed but please keep your furry family members home for this event (and MAL-TEASE them with the details when you return)!

About the Author: Jennifer Heller is the Operations Manager for The Volen Group.

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