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Eat More “Hole” Foods: A Collection of Northeast Florida’s Best Mini Donut Shops

By Katherine Bi-Ji, 2021 Ponte Vedra Focus Blog Writing Scholarship Winner

They say that the smallest things make the greatest impact, but did you know that this piece of advice may be extrapolated to our favorite breakfast foods?

Everyone is familiar with the classic glazed donut, and even the strawberry donuts with sprinkles. But, with each consecutive bite comes the same predictable flavor. Have no fear! Geniuses have revolutionized the classics and have brought them locally to us. 

Imagine the same classic donut, but shrink it to half its size. Now, shrink it in half again. Thus was born the mini donut: a delicious bite-sized delicacy offering a powerfully versatile taste with each bite.

With an infinite combination of flavors that can come in a box, there is never an unsatisfied taste bud: everyone’s preference may be accommodated with uniquely conceptualized flavors. Miniature donuts provide for the perfect snack to share with friends – although they are understandably difficult to resist – and may also double as a unique topic of conversation while celebrating special times with family.

Presented here is a compilation of mouthwatering mini donut shops sure to exceed the expectations of any donut aficionado.

Mini Bar Donuts

A local treasure, Mini Bar Donuts boasts a location in both Jacksonville Beach and on Gate Parkway. The awardee of the #1 Donut award in the 904 area for three consecutive years, this is the prime place to go for trying a business loved by the regional populace.

As you step over the threshold, you will be met with a warm and inviting atmosphere surrounded by picture-perfect brick walls and decorated with a pick-up shelf styled as a bright orange Volkswagen Bus. After ordering a 4, 8, 16, or 24 pack of mini donuts, they are made fresh and delectable.

Their extravagant year-round flavors include Samoa, Maple Bacon, Pop Tart, and Sea Salt Caramel. Weekend and monthly specials are even more exciting as everchanging avant-garde flavors are offered, including Kitchen Sink, Butterbeer, Margarita, and Blueberry Cake.

The fun doesn’t stop there! During the holiday seasons, make sure to keep your eyes peeled and your stomach ready. Mini Bar Donuts offers limited edition seasonal donuts, such as Apple Pie Donuts on Pi Day, Peppermint Joe Joe Donuts during the Christmas season, Lucky Charm Donuts on National Cereal Day, and Mardi Gras Donuts on Fat Tuesday. There is never a boring moment with their remarkable flavors.

For your next tailgate, birthday party, or graduation, make sure to stop by for some custom donuts – their culinary creativity remains unparalleled. As they famously state, “you can never have too mini!”

Auggie’s Mini Donuts

Further south, another irresistible mini donut shop is cherished. Only a short walking distance from Castillo de San Marcos and the Lightner Museum, Auggie’s Mini Donuts is located in the heart of St. Augustine on a lively pedestrian pathway near countless other local favorites.

Upon entering, their intimate and cozy environment along with their straightforward ordering process are of immediate note. First, choose between a single (6 donuts), double (12 donuts), or triple (18 donuts). Then, select your toppings from their diverse menu ranging from French Toast to Cosmic Cocoa to Birthday Cake. There is certainly no shortage of flavors!

Immediately after your order is placed, only a glass wall separates you and the donut maker. At Auggie’s, you have a direct view of the glorious golden-brown batter being freshly fried and flipped over the conveyor – a magnificent and appetizing sight for donut amateurs and enthusiasts alike. 

Once the donuts are ready, they are warm and enjoyable year-round. These made-to-order donuts are spectacularly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, maintaining a perfect funnel-cake type balance between textures that leave your taste buds tingling and your stomach craving for more. As all their donuts are served on a stick, they are highly portable and relatively mess-free – you can eat it as you continue your walk along St. George’s Street! The amalgamation of operating in the prime location and being conveniently served makes Auggie’s a go-to while in the epicenter of the Nation’s Oldest City.

Rad Ringo’s Mini Donuts

If you are adventurous or constantly on the move, make sure to take a trip visiting this ’80s themed mini donut truck! Flaunting a vehicle exterior of neon-colored donuts atop a galaxy blue background, their electrifying and brilliant character is revealed at first sight.

A donut paradise on wheels, Rad Ringo’s is perfect for the entire family, including your fur babies and children with peanut allergies. Deriving their food truck name from their doodle, Ringo, the business places an emphasis on puppy inclusion by offering doggy ice cream on the menu! Furthermore, Rad Ringo’s is completely peanut-free, so you may bring all your friends and family here to enjoy their mouth-watering creations. Leave the anxiety attached to potential peanut exposure at home!

As a family-owned business, the enthusiasm the employees show towards donuts is utterly contagious. Maintaining an upbeat vibe throughout the entire ordering process, their service is impeccable. At Rad Ringo’s, choose to order 6, 12, or 25 mini donuts and select between their year-round flavors – cinnamon sugar and whiskey glaze being the top sellers – and a monthly special flavor. Most recently, Boston Crème, Rad Raspberry, Gingerbread, and Maple Frosting have been featured. Each month is packed with new discoveries and flavorful goodness.

Covering areas including Bartram Springs, Nocatee, Amelia Island, and Julington Creek, their locale changes with each day. You can stay up-to-date with their whereabouts by checking out their comprehensive schedule posted at up to two months in advance.

The city of Jacksonville evidently contains an abundance of impressive donut shops. Rather than scouring the same internationally franchised businesses for your morning pick-me-ups, find your next early morning energizer or midday snack with an exploration to some of our community’s finest!

About the Author: Katherine Bi-Ji is a Ponte Vedra High School student and winner of the 2021 Ponte Vedra Focus Blog Writing Scholarship. Katherine, an avid lover of iced coffee, say she scoured the area for sweet shops and bakeries to complement her love for donuts. “I quickly fell in love with mini donuts and wholeheartedly believe that these treasures are ones that should be shared with the entire community.”

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