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Farm Fresh: Local Places for Local Produce

Farmer’s markets are nothing new but until recently it has been hard to find worthwhile, local produce in our area.

When I first came to town over 14 years ago, the only farmer’s market was in the Kmart parking lot in Atlantic Beach and the guy there was selling baby carrots…in a plastic sealed bag! Not the way they grow. My next experience was having a delivery service which I stopped after one delivery contained a pineapple with…a dole sticker!

Thankfully things have changed. If you are in the market for truly local, truly seasonal I would recommend checking out:

GyoGreens: in the words of Suzanne Whelan: Gyogreens is a local garden that utilizes aquaponics and hydroponic farming methods. They produce a wide variety of organic produce grown only from non-GMO seeds. You can pick your own greens on Tuesdays from 2-4 at the farm, which is located at 147 Canal Blvd in Ponte Vedra Beach.The entire process is fascinating and well worth a visit. There is something there for everyone. Whether you are a foodie and are interested in superior flavor, or an educated consumer that is interested in feeding your family healthy and nutritious foods, you will find something special for you at the farm. Make sure to ask about the microgreens!

Local Fare Home Delivery – not only do they provide good fruits and veggies but French pantry bread, fresh eggs and recipes!

Neptune Beach Farmer’s Market officially called Beaches Green Market- I went last week at the end of the day and was impressed with their new vendors. I especially loved congaree & penn’s  rice and flour options. We made the middlins and really enjoyed.

Finally there is a guy selling honey off of 210. If he is there pick up a comb or a jar.

Any other local greens people should know about?

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  • Gwinnvolen
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    A friend sent me this: “There’s a really good one every Tuesday from 2-5:30 and Sat from 10-12 at Palm Valley Community Center on Canal Road. There’s another one at the YMCA on Wed afternoons. I often go to the Tuesday one on Canal ‘cuz it’s so close and I love the farmer. I think the farmer just changed, tho to a new one

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