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Fit 20: A Quick, Private Tone In 20-Minute Program Worth A Try

By Mae Logue

If you’re anything like me, in the past two months of quarantine it has been difficult to maintain your typical excuse for not working out, which is that you don’t have enough time. The good news is that this international crisis will not last forever, and it’s worth finding workouts that we’ll still want to do when our lives are hectic once again. 

My mom and I recently tried a new private exercise program located in Tapestry Park called Fit 20, which is perfect for those of us who claim we’re too busy, no matter what’s going on in the world. The method behind Fit 20 is that we only need to work out for 20 minutes at a time, once a week, and then we’re done! Apparently, science says that this is the most straightforward and effective way to become stronger and healthier, and we love science.

Fit 20 provides a personal trainer and gym equipment, and during our first session, we learned how to breathe properly, maintain the best posture and technique, and work at a practiced speed and rhythm. Each exercise is highly intense and focused on resistance training using slow and controlled motions that force your muscles to work the entire time.

The best part is the fitness center is completely empty except for the personal trainer and yourself, which is beneficial both in a global pandemic and any other time because no one likes seeing other people at the gym. The facility is a chilly 63 degrees and you won’t break a sweat, so you can go straight to work or back to bed.

 Most importantly, the employees and trainers at the Fit 20Jacksonville location, are beyond helpful and kind. They won’t laugh at you when your muscles shake uncontrollably, even if your mom does.

If you’re interested in only doing 20 minutes of exercise once a week to become fitter, visit The first month of training is $99, but regional developer Cathy Battreall is offering a deal to those who recommend Fit 20 to others by extending their payment one month for each new friend who joins.

 The personal trainers at Fit 20 are prioritizing your safety (sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer galore) and practicing safe social distancing measures during COVID-19, so ditch your long, uninspiring YouTube workouts and hop to it! 

About The Author:

Mae Logue is a rising sophomore at Tulane University.

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  • I’d love to go to a fitness center that is empty except for me and my trainer. That would help me not feel self-conscious. I feel like I’d be better at hitting my goals this way,

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