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Francostein Manor’s Halloween Bash: Fun, Freaky and Frightening Food

by Noelle Franco

As we take on the spookiest month of the year and the witching hour approaches, we must plan! 

Plan for decor by taking down the Halloween boxes from the attic then put the decorations up both inside and out. You’ve got to plan for the costumes too. Will you be Barbie or Oppenheimer?  Rihanna in her red dress with her baby bump reveal?  Or perhaps you’ll go as the new “it couple” Taylor and Travis?  Whatever you decide, it’s always fun to dress up! We also must plan for parties! Are you hosting or attending? Or, even better, both?!   And finally, we plan for food and drink! Food and drink are an important part of the Halloween experience!

I recently hosted our monthly recipe club with our neighborhood women’s group.   Our theme, of course, was Halloween: Fun, Freaky and Frightening Food was perfect with the backdrop of my spooky home, Francostein Manor!  We had 13 women in attendance and they brought their A, for Atrocious, game! 

When I think of Halloween growing up in Michigan, every year my mom would make a big pot of chili and it would be simmering on the stove throughout the evening. Although it’s a lot colder in Michigan come Halloween, I still love chili on Halloween night!  

The chili game was on for Recipe Club and we had two delicious chilis: a white chicken chili and a pumpkin chili. Another member brought a delicious cornbread recipe, a perfect side to both the chilis and a sweet and savory pumpkin soup.   A monster enchilada casserole spooked us while Caprese eyeballs and mushroom eyeballs peered at us from every angle! A spewing pumpkin filled with guacamole was a sight! And our entree, Cherry Chicken, was delicious but could resemble vampire blood and guts! 

For dessert, members brought a range of items from witches fingers, graveyard dirt, pumpkin rum cake and rich double chocolate brownies with orange zest!  So much fun and fright! And don’t forget the shots—one member brought eyeball Jell-O shots!

Red and white wine,  Prosecco and a signature fall cocktail of bourbon, apple cider and cranberry juice was served.  For a take home favor, I couldn’t resist making creepy popcorn hands!  Candy corn as the fingers and a bagged mix of cheddar and caramel corn makes these easy to assemble.   Add fun ribbon and spider rings and you have a creepy popcorn hand perfect for gifting! 

I know, I know, many of you aren’t up for cooking, so I always recommend a favorite of mine,  a creepy charcuterie board. It’s easy enough, dump your yummy favorites on a board and just add some creepy hands, mice or rats (fake ones, please!) to the board to elevate your spooky game!   The Dollar Store has creepy hands so you don’t have to spend much to get your creep on!  

And don’t forget the candy—my creepy candy bar may be over the top but a big bowl for the trick or treaters will suffice!  Now that you are ready for Halloween, what are you going to make to take up your level of fun, freak and fright?  

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