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Girlpower NFL Flag Football: Where are They Now?

This time last year we introduced you to Girlpower NFL Flag Football and coach Phil Squatrito for it’s inaugural season taking place at Davis Park in Ponte Vedra. We thought it would be a great time to update you on where Girlpower is today and some of their amazing achievements in only one year.

Girlpower NFL Flag Football began as a vision of girls competing in 5 on 5 NFL Flag Football. In January 2022 games began at Davis Park and it’s been nothing but suspenseful since the first coin toss. The biggest outcome has been the incredible confidence building for the girls of this sport. Girls bonding with their parents and teammates over love for the sport and the success exuding on and off the field. Girls are taught the fundamentals of football while learning to celebrate incredible success regardless of the scoreboard. That success even took one Girlpower NFL quarterback, Isabella Murray, to NFL Play Flag Football Player of The Week for her mad skills earning a $3,000 grant for the program. Isabella hit the spotlight on Twitter and all social media platforms from the best in the football scene!

We caught up with Isabella, who goes by Izzy, after the October 30 Super Bowl Monster Mash at Davis Park to congratulate her for being NFL Play Player of the week. When asked where she gets her athleticism from, Izzy says “I get it all from my dad. He is super athletic at most stuff and I get a lot of my love for sports from my dad.” Izzy participates not just in flag football but volleyball as well. Her love for sports runs deep but the joy her team brings is described in only one word, love. And that love was visibly evident while watching the girls before the game and after who laughed and joked together regardless of which team they were playing for. “I love Coach Liz too, she’s really a big inspiration to us all,” says Izzy.

Isabella Murray

We caught former Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback and Girlpower Steelers Coach, David Garrard, running plays during practice with his girls too. David’s daughter plays for the Steelers and we couldn’t resist asking him about his experience with Girlpower. David says “The Steelers team means a lot to me but it means everything to her.” He added “If girl flag football was around sooner, my daughter would quit all other sports and focus just on flag.”

In July 2022, the NFL Flag Summit recognized Girlpower NFL Football as its 2022 Females in Flag Program of the Year with Phil and Erika Squatrito taking home the honors of Small Market Winner. Did we mention Girlpower in Ponte Vedra just started in January 2022? Coach Phil Squatrito says of the recognition and opportunity to be in New Orleans for the event “sincere thank you to EVERYONE who has given us love and support on our incredible journey! We also want to thank NFL Flag for an extraordinary week and for the opportunity to speak about our vision becoming a reality in Girlpower NFL Flag Football. To receive all of these honors in such a short period of time is very humbling and they will motivate us even further to bring more great opportunities and experiences for girls in flag football!” Coach Phil adds “It’s also pretty awesome to have a kick ass partner in business and as my wife!”

Have a daughter who may be interested in flag football? Girlpower expects over 300 girls for the winter season and your daughter can be one of them. Registration is now open through December 10, 2022

“Girlpower NFL Flag is all about competing in a healthy, positive, encouraging and enthusiastic environment! When these ingredients come together we all smile and EVERYONE wins”
– Coach Phil Squatrito

Jenn Heller is the Operations Manager for The Volen Group, Keller Williams Luxury International, with over 18 years experience in Real Estate.  She is an Atlantic Beach resident via Long Island, NY since 1991, a book worm, and loves sports, dogs and the beach.

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