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Gordie Rolison: Ponte Vedran of the Week

At a recent banquet celebrating area kids with character, a parent attendee took note that not one, not two but MANY students said the person who inspired them most was Coach Gordie Rolison. She requested he be nominated as a Ponte Vedran of the Week. If you haven’t met this parrothead on the field, at the beach, or at the high school, we are happy to introduce you to one of the very good guys in PVB.

Gordie & his wife Jodi on vacation
Gordie & his wife Jodi on vacation

Name: Gordie Rolison

Occupation: ESE Teacher, Football, Softball, and Weightlifting Coach at Ponte Vedra High.

Where I grew up: Jacksonville

A Ponte Vedran since: 2008

Other Places I have lived? Cincinnati, Ohio; Booneville Missouri (College)

My favorite thing about Ponte Vedra: Small town feel with beautiful beaches.

My least favorite thing about Ponte Vedra: The traffic, A1A on a Friday wow!

In my spare time I like too? Fish!, Coach, and sit by the sea!

Ponte Vedran you most admire: There’s 2: Paul Frase (Josh Frase Dad) and Nora Norton (Katie Norton’s Mom), I have had a relationship with both through their children in my class. Both of them are selfless people I strive to be more like. They have great compassion, and drive to help others, something we could all have a little more of.

My favorite time in Ponte Vedra: Football season! To have the stadium packed with Shark fans on a Friday night is an Awesome feeling. Giving the games that small town feel is just incredible.

Dream Vacation other than Ponte Vedra? The Caribbean, I have always been intrigued about the Caribbean, pirates, and treasure. The freedom and gypsy like life style they led. I just want to boat from island to island like a pirate and soak up the sun.

If I could invite anyone over to dinner – 2 Ponte Vedrans and one famous person – who would you invite? Craig Waldermaier, Glenn Amerson and Earnest Hemingway. That’s one GOOD time to be had!!

Last time you went to the beach: About 12 hours ago! Ha Ha. I have to have my daily dose of salt water to ease my mind!

Last time you saw live music: April 18th Jimmy Buffet in Tampa, May 8th Steel Dragon at The PV concert Hall, and this weekend at Dancing in the Streets.

Favorite Ponte Vedra organization: The Ponte Vedra Junior Development League JDL. What Coach Jerry Norton has built here has helped so many kids get ready for football the right way!

Favorite Ponte Vedra restaurant (or area): LuLu’s, no doubt!

Favorite place for a cocktail: Caps on the Water

Favorite way to get exercise here: Beach cruising on my bike.

Favorite movie: Forrest Gump

Favorite TV show: Black Sails (Starz)

Favorite book: 0 Mile marker the moveable feast of Key West. Or anything by Randy Wayne White.

Favorite band or music: Jimmy Buffet


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