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Grab and Go Meals Part Two: Southside to Downtown

By Gwinn Volen

It’s really not hard to hit the road during COVID. I mean, it’s fun to leave the house for an outing. We all need to remember that Riverside, San Marco, Springfield, etc are all just 30 minutes or less away. If you were in a big city, that’d be like a drive to Publix. With that, here are a few options for grab and go meals across the ditch.

Prati Italia at St. Johns Town Center has a great selection of family-style meals. The meals come with an entree for 4 and dessert. Here’s a link directly to the menu.

1748 Bakehouse Pot Pie

1748 Bakehouse in Springfield has several ready meals to go, including some tasty looking pot pies. The menu.

4 Rivers on Baymeadows has a “happy herd” special, which is a meal for four with two sides and bread.

Chef Kenny Gilbert also in Springfield does specials on a regular basis. Look on his Facebook page for information.

Whole Foods is big box, but if you are in Mandarin, you can always score a good prepared meal here if you are on the run.

In an effort to help families during COVID, catering business Well-Oiled Events is offering a family meal delivery program. This is a sample menu. Cornbread and Crab Stuffed Redfish?!

And finally J. William Culinary. They aren’t offering prepared meals, but, they do have virtual cooking classes, so I threw that in here for fun. Check out their website and dream about Culinary Food Trips.

Please share your ideas of over the ditch grab and go cuisine, and we will add to the list!

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