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Halloween at The Francostein Manor: Meet Ponte Vedran Noelle Franco

By Gillian Criswell

For some, Halloween is just a day for costumes and trick-or-treating.  For others, like Ponte Vedran Noelle Franco, it’s an entire season. And, the season begins in August!

When you walk into her TPC Sawgrass Cypress Creek home (a neighborhood known for its trick or treating) you understand how and why so much time goes into preparing for the occasion. Everywhere you look is Halloween décor, from the obvious statues to the cutlery on the kitchen table and even the front doorbell. And Franco’s enthusiasm for it is contagious.

Each room is designed with a different Halloween theme, beginning with witches ghoulishly welcoming you at the entryway. A talking skeleton butler makes no bones about offering you a drink while entering the living room filled with potions and mixers in beautiful glasses. A pumpkin patch overflows into the Day of the Dead themed family room, where Noelle pays homage to her husband’s Mexican culture. And last, but certainly not least, the dining room meticulously decorated with seating cards for guests like “Morticia Addams,” and “The Wicked Witch of the West.” 

Guests looking for dessert will love the creepy candy bar complete with gummy worms, chocolate eyeballs, bloody fangs and candy corn! She even labels each candy with clever names like; “Children of The Candy Corn” candy corn, “Kisses of Death” Hershey Kisses, “Will I Kill You Now or Later” Now and Laters, “Twix and Stones will break your bones” Twix, and “Your Life will not be Saved” life savers. Not only does she create a perfectly decorated “haunted house” but she always has a well thought out menu of themed food and drinks for any event that she hosts. 

Although her name is “Noelle,” her favorite holiday isn’t Christmas, at least not anymore!  Over the years, she has come to realize Halloween is her favorite. Noelle believes that Halloween is the one time where you can forget about your everyday life and pretend to be someone totally different! Although her normal self is pretty awesome. 

She is known for being “the hostess with the mostest.”  Anytime someone needs help with party planning, decorations, food spread or candy bar, she is always the first one they call! Growing up, Noelle was surrounded by ladies who loved to go above and beyond to make the holidays magical. From the time she was a teenager she started collecting fun décor and now she could practically fill a warehouse with all of her party supplies! This woman is ready for any event! Noelle’s true joy comes from spending time with her family and friends and of course any opportunity to host a party. 

A little more about Noelle: 

Favorite Place in PV: The Beach/ The Lodge & Club 

Where She Grew Up: Michigan 

Why Sawgrass: She loves being close to the golf tournament and friends in the community

Favorite Restaurant: Palm Valley Fish Camp

Favorite Place To Workout: Titanium Yoga 


  • Former PTO president 
  • Former PVHS Football Board Member
  • Peanut Butter Food Drive -collected 741 jars last year
  • Ponte Vedra Women’s Civic Alliance 

Accomplishments: Helped create National Background Screenings for Jax & create a Volunteer Leadership Training Program

Favorite Band: INXS – she has followed them since she was 14

Goal: To start her own business

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Favorite Scary Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show 

Thank you Noelle for being such a light and giving me a private tour of the Francostein Manor! I will definitely be back for Christmas!

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3 Responses to “Halloween at The Francostein Manor: Meet Ponte Vedran Noelle Franco”

  • Cross Heidi
    Written on

    This is super spooky ?!!!! I grew up in Okemos Michigan with Noelle and Kevin – I was in her brothers grade!! Just wanted to say I too am a Halloween crazed decorator- but Noelle has me beat!! Great job Noelle ??!!! Fun reading about you spooky spirit!!

  • Mary Carmen Walker
    Written on

    Noelle , is one of my favorite people in Ponte Vedra . Noelle has warmly opened her home to so many organization and is always helping out our community !

  • Kristi Leonard
    Written on

    I’ve seen people go crazy for Christmas, and I’ve seen people create elaborate haunted houses, but I’ve never seen the level of detail in Noelle’s Halloween decor. When she starts a business, it will be amazing!!!

    (hi Noelle)

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