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Halloween Decor Ideas the “Francostein” Way

By Noelle “Francostein” Franco

It’s time for spooky, scary and spine-tingling obsessions as Halloween draws near! Halloween allows one to turn fantasies into realities! You can dress up as anyone or anything and take on a persona you’d otherwise be “scared “ of!

Costumes are a main ingredient when it comes to Halloween, but with some simple steps and décor you can transform a corner of your home into a frightful manor for ghouls, goblins, witches and warlocks to “chill!”

Here are some of my favorite ways to “spook” up your home during this Spooktacular season.

Bats: Hang them from the chandelier. Bugs and centipedes, too.  Hang them every which way.

Halloween Decor
Birds and Bats Spook Up a Dining Room.

Birds: Perch them on a curtain rod so they can look down at you. Don’t forget at least one that talks with motion sensors!

Potions: I love potions and dedicate an entire coffee table to them.  Nowadays you can purchase potion bottles, but it’s also easy (and fun) to make your own.  Purchase labels at a craft store or print your own and burn the edges.   Fill old glass jars and bottles with water and add food coloring or food paste.

Parts: Use old food (pickle jars work well!) or mason jars.  For a jar of eyeballs, add grapes and fill with water.  For a head, use a “head” of cabbage, for brains, use cooked spaghetti, and for bones, use chicken or beef bones!  Beware!  When opening after the season, the smell may take you to the grave!

Owls on the Prowl.

Owls: I love these fun furry and fierce creatures with the big eyes!  You can find them for sale in many stores, and I have a collection of owls on one table.

Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead: This colorful, captivating and chilling décor is easy to spot and easy to purchase!   I put up an entire “shrine” dedicated to this day!

Pumpkins: Not just for carving anymore!  Pumpkins are easy to transform into serving vessels!  Alternate fruit Skewers and Halloween Peep skewers —poke hard into an un-carved pumpkin!  Paint pumpkins…its all the rage, and don’t forget your teal pumpkin showing our friends with food sensitivities you have alternative goodies!  Use a pumpkin as a punch bowl—cut off the top few inches and hollow out.  Or, “tap” the same pumpkin, fill with punch or apple cider and put the lid back on!  You can also use a cut and hollowed pumpkin in place of a vase, just fill with flowers!

Halloween Decor: Transform a corner of your home into a spooky surprise.

Candy: My personal favorite is a Creepy Candy Bar…complete with gummy worms, chocolate eyeballs, bloody fangs, candy corn and other creepy things!  Candy Corn goes a long way.  Add a candy corn for each finger in a clear, plastic glove, then fill with popcorn.   Tie off and display!  Fill a vase with candy corn and then put another vase inside for flowers!  Speaking of flowers, I prefer Black Roses, but that’s up to you!

Halloween Candy Bar
Who Doesn’t Love a Candy Bar?

Light: Don’t forget to change out light bulbs (both inside and out) to black, orange, purple or green!  Twinkle mini lights go a long way, and you can also use battery operated votives or flashlights to add a bit of ambience.

The Mantel: Use orange, black, purple or green fabric as your base and layer on lights or candles, or display your collection of Witches, Ghosts or Pumpkins!

No Tricks?: For those that don’t like the guts and gore, you can always decorate with faux leaves, twinkle lights, gourds and small pumpkins!  Orange candles in candlesticks and a mantel fabric piece in rich fall colors will please the palate without the freight!

With little time to spare, get going and turn those fantasies into realities!  As the witching hour draws near, I hope you can transform a corner of your manor into something wild and wicked!

About the Author:

Noelle Franco is a holiday enthusiast. She is a master at party decorations and party planning. For more information, contact Noelle at or visit

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