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Hosting Playas?

What some call golf’s fifth major is almost here. Five ideas for those of your who are entertaining at home and one for good luck.

1. Flash some green: Ferns flanking a front door are an easy to maintain and visually dramatic. Kathy’s Creative Gardens on Roscoe has a great selection and very reasonable prices.

Photos by gildedmin
Photo from gilded mint

2. The bare necessities: make sure your bathrooms have toilet paper, good hand soap, towels, candles and a plunger! While you may not want to think about your guests long visit to the facilities, a quick way to ruin anyone’s appetite is an unexpected overflow.

3. Pillow Up: Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, pillows are an easy way to update and refresh your living or bedroom spaces. The best cost options are at West Elm or HomeGoods. Those with a little more bank can find some great pillows at either Mrs Howards or Pearl Home both in Jacksonville Beach. Another option is etsy. This iconic print starts at $20 from a Orlando shop owner.

MicaBlue on Etsy
MicaBlue on Etsy

4. Cocktails at 5… or 3… or maybe even 10am: Signature cocktails are all the rage and for good reason, one stop shopping and no need to hire a bartender. The Players isn’t known for any one drink which means it’s a great time to invent your own – fizzy gin lemonades, a Ponte Vedra mule, etc. More ideas can be found on St. Augustine’s Ice Plant blog or some super 2 ingredient ideas here.

PHOTO: Movita Beaucoup via mydomaine
PHOTO: Movita Beaucoup via mydomaine

5. Make it a safe week by arranging other transportation. Try Uber, East Coast Transportation or hire your friend’s very responsible teen to make sure everyone has a good time and gets home safe.

6. Treat Yo Self: hosting can be stressful so make sure you are good to yourself. New sheets for you and your guest room, an expensive candle to make your home feel spa- like or an actual day at the PV Inn & Spa , or just some time to enjoy the other perk of living  in Ponte Vedra Beach.

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