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    Hurricane Matthew Beach Debris Removal, And What About My Yard Trash?

    The debris from Hurricane Matthew continues to linger, particularly, it seems in St Johns County. Below is a notice just sent out by the Ponte Vedra Beach MSD regarding beach debris cleanup and removal, as well as information regarding approval for vegetation at the base of dunes to promote restoration.

    It remains unclear what will happen in St Johns County regarding rebuilding of dunes long term, particularly in southern St Johns County which was hit the hardest and was already dealing with erosion issues. However, the conversations are definitely in the works. The St Augustine Record has a detailed article about possible fixes including dredging and extending sea walls.

    And what about that yard debris that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere?

    FEMA pick up crews have been at work picking up yard debris according to the St Johns County website, and recently temporary debris sites have been set up throughout the county, with one apparently near TPC.

    According to Solid Waste Management, the piles of debris are so large that even an extra large truck (semi sized) is sometimes only able to hold two yards worth of debris. Trucks were then having to drive to the Nine Mile Landfill off of International Golf Parkway, which was making the process slow.

    Bagged Yard Debris Pick-up Resumed October 17

    The temporary debris sites should help speed up the process. Regular yard trash pick routes should be in effect for your typical bagged yard debris. If you haven’t seen your regular yard trash pick up, call St Johns County at 904-827-6980, and they can help.

    The Ponte Vedra MSD Notice:

    St. Johns County will begin cleanup efforts in Ponte Vedra, from the northern County line to the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve, starting on Monday, October 24th. The FEMA contractors will stage equipment and containers at Mickler’s Landing. To ensure public safety during this time, Mickler’s Landing parking lot and facilities will be closed to the public.

    • Residents are encouraged to avoid the beach, or exercise extreme caution if visiting the beach, until thorough clean-up has been conducted, and debris has been removed from walkways, the shore, and parking lots.
    • Heavy equipment will be on the beach between the hours of 7:30 am and 7:30 pm.
    • Public use at Mickler’s Landing will be restored on the weekends, Saturday morning through Sunday night, in an effort to provide beach access.
    • The FEMA contractor will be removing all construction debris from the site and disposing of it at appropriate locations.
    • St. Johns County has received permission to place natural vegetation at the base of the remaining dunes to promote, and hopefully accelerate the restoration of the dune system that was negatively impacted by the storm.

    If there are specific questions regarding this cleanup, please contact Billy Zeits (904) 209-0322 or

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