Hurricane Matthew – What is Your Plan?

    Are you staying or going? It’s a tough decision. On my end I have two cats and one dog, and a house near the ocean. Though we are in the 100 year flood zone, you never know, right?  Bleh!

    Plan A – Stay and drink wine. Ride it out.

    Plan B – In the event of a mandatory evacuation, select a pet friendly hotel nearby. Embassy Suites Baymeadows is sold out. Right now the plan is downtown Jax. Probably not a good idea with the river right, but we have a reservation. And, it’s considered zone b for evacuations.

    Plan C – If plan B looks like a bust, head to Georgia. Oh, but what direction? Augusta, our destination, calls for I-95. Feels like a bad idea.

    Regardless of your plan, stay safe. Duval County isn’t requiring re-entry passes, fyi. You need a driver’s license or bill. Not sure about St. Johns. The Ponte Vedra Beach Annex will have more passes tomorrow – ran out today.  But again, rules are a little unclear.



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