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    Introducing SAFE Pet Rescue P.A.S.S.I.O.N Program

    Introducing SAFE Pet Rescue P.A.S.S.I.O.N Program: Paws And Students Study In Obedience Nurturing!

    SAFE Pet Rescue is seeking student candidates to foster and train a shelter pet while fulfilling/receiving 100 qualifying community service hours for school, church, and scouting.

    How Does it Work?SAFE Pet Rescue

    Each student fosters a shelter dog in his or her home for 6 weeks, taking the pet to 1-hour a week basic obedience training classes (paid for and arranged by SAFE) in their area to be held on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Each student writes a report about their experience, makes recommendations for the type of home best suited for the dog, and creates instructions for utilizing the trained pet’s commands.

    Who Benefits From The Program?

    • The student, who receives community service hours while gaining the experience and responsibly of training a dog.
    • The potential adopter, who may adopt a trained animal.
    • The dog, who receives the undivided attention from the student, temporarily living in a loving home while awaiting adoption, and the opportunity to learn obedient behaviors.

    How Do You Get Involved?

    The program is open to Nocatee/Ponte Vedra or nearby areas, St Augustine and Putnam students.

    For more program regulations and details, or to register as a participant in the program, please contact program coordinators:

    Nocatee, Lisa Wargo 914-420-5769
    St Augustine, Peggy Laroche 904-710-4632
    Putnam, Kathy Kelshaw 904-806-2166

    ** Parental permission and involvement is required.**

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