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J. Turner & Co: A stylish addition to Ponte Vedra Beach

By Deborah Rey

Living in Ponte Vedra Beach, it’s always exciting to see a new place under construction.  I must admit it gives me a little thrill to wonder what fantastic new place is about to move into the area. Unfortunately, many times it’s something as unexciting as another bank or cell phone store. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see almost anything move into the area, but I prefer it to be some place I can frequent as a shopper.  Well, this time I was not disappointed. Matter of fact, I was doubly excited when J Turner & Co opened up in the Sawgrass Village Shopping Center. Since I’m an interior designer, I get to shop at a place that also represents my profession.

J Turner & Co is an inaugural store owned by Mark & Jenny Turner.  The Turners are well-established residents of Ponte Vedra.  They have been creating successful local businesses and bringing jobs to the area for some time now.  They are the brains behind local brands such as YoBe and V Pizza. If you haven’t tried V Pizza yet, you should.  It’s amazing!

I had a chance to speak with Jenny on my first visit to the store.  She is a very welcoming and warm person who was eager to help me find a comfy sofa for my own home.  What I love about the store is that it does casual coastal without being cliché coastal.  You won’t find white slatted, mass-produced furniture in shades of white and light blue adorned with starfish details. Instead you’ll find comfortable slipcovered seating items and one-of-a-kind natural hardwood furnishings that evoke a sophisticated yet comfortable environment.

The home décor items also reflect this feeling.  One of my favorite items I am drooling over is this fabulous swing pictured below ! It’s definitely not on the necessity list, but a girl can dream, right?!

Need this on the porch.
Need this on the porch.

Back to that sofa for my home, I think I could sit all day binge watching my favorite show on the above comfy sofa.

Perfect for binging on Fixer Upper!
Perfect for binging on Fixer Upper!

J Turner also has a lot of items that will make a dramatic statement in your home.  Look at these oversized fabulous framed mirrors.  Wow!

J Turner Mirros

This store is chock full of great furniture and accessory items. However, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, make sure to ask about the two 2,000 square foot local warehouses that stock even more items.   So if you haven’t done so already, drop by the store and check out their Facebook page.

Deborah Rey is a certified interior designer who lives in Ponte Vedra Beach with her husband and two daughters. She’s worked in the hospitality design industry for 10+ years, mainly in Atlanta and Miami. She is available for hire as an interior design consultant for both residential and commercial projects. Her contact information is as follows: or (404) 291-6773.

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