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Kittens Found at Lodge Need a Forever Home

This is a pic of their first night (one of the Lodge members brought them this teddy bear)


These sweet little kittens were found last week inside the wall at the Lodge (cats with kittens find the strangest hiding places).  Workers tore open dry wall to rescue them.  There were 5 kittens and a mama cat trapped. Unfortunately, only these two babies survived.  These little guys were dehydrated and emaciated, but they are bouncing back beautifully, according to Dr. Anne Darnell of Ponte Vedra Animal Hospital.

They are eating solid food and gaining weight daily.  Ponte Vedra Animal Hospital would like to keep them for about two more weeks to gain a little weight (they don’t even weigh a pound yet). They are very dependent on each other, so their ideal forever home will be able to accommodate both of them.

If interested, drop by Ponte Vedra Animal Hospital located at 28 Corona Rd or call them at 904-285-7924.

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