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Lightning Storms: Protect Yourself


We have had a breathtaking week of beautiful lightning storms. Unfortunately, the storms can also be very dangerous without proper protections.

According to the NOAA, which has a running ticker, there have been 22 lightning related deaths in the US so far in 2015. In addition to practicing good sense when it comes to personal safety, here is a reminder or how to protect yourself and your home:

  • Get inside. If you can hear thunder, lightning is in the area and the safest spot is indoors.
  • Stay inside. Do not resume outdoor activities until 30 minutes after you have heard thunder.
  • No electronics. Once inside, avoid using electronics that are plugged in and don’t do dishes or take showers.

When lightning hits a house, the three biggest issues are: fire danger (many of you were probably redirected last week off of LeMaster when a homeowner smelled smoke in the attic during a thunderstorm), power surge damage and shock wave damage.

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