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Sno-Cone Diaries: Local Abby Vega Releases Her First Book

Old Ponte Beach resident and ex corporate executive Abby Vega has recently published her first book, Sno-Cone Diaries. 

In her memoir, she inspires you to follow along her journey to discovering happiness in the small miracles of daily living and in the service of others.

Vega hosted a private book signing, Sunday, January 15 at Cafe Andiamo. 

How long did it take you to write the book?

The book took over 2.5 years and multiple revisions to get it to publish worthy.

Did you learn anything about yourself or your family during the writing?

True happiness is found from within, and our self worth is not dependent on what someone thinks of you but in how you view yourself.

Did you really have a Sno-Cone Business? If so where? Still running?

Yes I owned a Kona-Ice franchise 10,000 lb truck and drove it for a year taking sales from from $0- $100,000 in that time, donating a large percentage of proceeds to various charities in St John’s County. I then sold the truck, but the business is alive and well with the new owners, who now have three trucks.

Who helped you publish the book, and how are sales?

Creative Services Inc. out of Sewanee, Tennessee is the publisher. We sold through the first edition print run in first two weeks!

What’s next for you?

Speaking to women and sales teams about empowering themselves to follow their dream. With my corporate sales and marketing background, I am perfect for motivational talks on goal setting, overcoming obstacles, never taking no for an answer, what makes a winner, and especially building an enthusiastic, loyal, goal achieving team, that loves to come to work.

Favorite thing about Ponte Vedra Beach?

The warm climate, getting to take a walk on the beach everyday, and the kind loving, and supportive people.

Sno-Cone Diaries by Abby Vega is available for purchase at Amazon and at local boutique Apropos.

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