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Local Attorney and Entrepreneur Launches “Florida Homestead Check”

Local entrepreneur and real estate attorney Blake Deal began digging into Florida’s complex property tax laws two years ago and discovered that across the state of Florida, thousands of people were not getting the savings on their property tax bills that they could be. These savings include tax portability, homestead savings and other property tax exemptions.

“I really wanted to work on something that would make a difference,” says Deal.

That’s when the idea of using technology to crack the property tax puzzle began to form in his mind. He vetted his business concept through his network and thought leaders, and he got the attention of NFL icon Dan Marino.

Upon hearing about the idea and the billions of dollars in tax savings that weren’t being taken advantage of by Floridians, Marino’s first response was, “how can I help?”

What ultimately came from Deal’s research is Florida Homestead Checka business that stands to save Floridians thousands of dollars annually. Florida Homestead Check officially launched Monday, August 19.

Thanks to Deal and his team, who have been educating those of us in the real estate arena over the past few months, the issue has now been brought to the forefront of the minds of real estate agents, title companies, and now the consumer.

Here’s a video to help explain Florida Homestead Check:

Albeit a rather dry subject matter, understanding the implications of tax portability, property homesteading and other property tax exemptions is critical in the home buying and selling process if you care to keep your tax bills in check.

The Florida Homestead Check website has a wealth of information to help consumers understand if there are additional savings that could be had on their property taxes.  For $100, you can verify if you stand to reap additional savings via the website’s databases.  It provides step by step instructions, including short, easy to understand videos. on how to resolve the problem.


Florida Homestead Check
Florida Homestead Check Team

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