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Masonry Mailbox or No Masonry Mailbox: What Do You Say?

Borrowed from Pinterest. This clearly isn’t PVB.

There is currently a crisis going on in Old Ponte Vedra. OK, a crisis is a stretch. But, it’s ruffling feathers. As new homes are being built, several homeowners have elected to build larger, masonry mailboxes – many of them painted a tasteful white and some adorned with vines that will eventually grow around.

While there are older masonry boxes scattered about as well, this has hit a nerve with the county, and homeowners of these solid structures have received notice that these mailboxes aren’t to code and need to be torn down.  Ouch!

Is uniformity important for mailboxes? Would love to hear feedback from readers. Are there other issues the county and the MSD (Municipal Services District) should also be focusing on?

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