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Meet Landrum Middle School PTO President 2018/2019 Mel Intemann

What is it about Middle School that makes most everyone cringe? Awkward body changes? Personality morphing? Posing and pretending? The uncertainty of who and what you are? Who knows! Regardless, it’s a time we all go through. Ponte Vedra Beach’s Landrum Middle School is where it all happens in PVB.  This year’s Landrum Middle School PTO president Mel Intemman hopes to bring some enthusiasm back to the middle school landscape and infuse a sense of appreciation and spirit.  If anyone has the enthusiasm and excitement, it’s Mel!

What made you want to take on the job of PTO president?

As many know in our community, I have never been PTO President, nor have I ever even sat on a PTO Board for any school. With that being said, I was a very ‘involved’ parent when my son, Namath, was at PVPV Rawlings Elementary School. His last year as an elementary student, I was asked to help with and oversee many initiatives: Turtle Trot, Spring Carnival, 5th Grade Activities Committee and more. Not only was I busy with these activities, but I also became a substitute teacher (my passion…kids) within St. Johns County! I think with all of this, it created a spark in me and I knew it was time for me to go into a new school, with a great PTO Board and kick things up a notch! And what better grade level to do this with than…MIDDLE SCHOOL!

What are your top two goals this year?

First and foremost… bringing b back to the hallways of middle school. We all know that the middle school years can be some of the more challenging years for students. But, there is absolutely no reason why Middle School cannot be COOL! So, I would like to bring “PRIDE” and spirit back to LMS! And we have started this initiative with new spirit wear, new PE uniforms, new events throughout the year, Pep Rally’s and more! The second goal would be that of fundraising. Fundraising is necessary for our school to be up to par with other schools and to have the things/items it needs to be a safe and secure environment for our children. We have many needs this year… from safety and security to new computers for the classrooms. I plan on increasing our number of community partners, having sponsored events throughout out the school year, and encouraging our Landrum Lion parents to become a PTO member! We need their help and involvement to take our school to the next level!

What is most striking to you about Landrum as you begin your first year as PTO president? The good? The bad?

Right off the bat, you ask most striking? The staff. The faculty. The Landrum Administration. The whole Landrum TEAM! What an amazing group of teachers, faculty and staff! Principal Ryan Player and the entire Landrum team have been so welcoming and helpful! I have spent most of my summer getting to know a lot of them and let me tell you, Landrum students and parents are very lucky to have them! The bad, you ask? Don’t have anything for that… if that changes, I’ll be sure to let you know. 😉

Do you have a fundraising goal? If so, what is your number?

I ALWAYS have fundraising goals… always. Fundraising, raising funds for schools is MY JAM! I absolutely LIVE for it! And if you know me, you already know this! Hmmmmm, a number? $100,000.00 is our goal this year! With the monies raised this year through PTO membership, Landrum Community events, fundraising, Landrum spirit wear and our community partners we will be funding the following initiatives for Landrum:

  • Security/Safety Measurements for our Landrum Campus
  • Licenses for Academic Software
  • Laptops for Classrooms
  • Teacher Training
  • Audio/Visual needs, for both, our gymnasium and auditorium
  • Outdoor enhancements to the entrance of the school

So, with this being said, it is my promise to you, that the time you spend volunteering or the donations you make to our PTO and school will be worth your while…and FUN!

What is your expectation of PTO Board?

I am truly humbled at the opportunity to work alongside other Landrum Middle School, Ocean Palms Elementary and PVPV Rawlings Elementary mothers this year on our PTO Pride! Some of our board members have served for many years on other PTO’s and some have tremendous knowledge of what has worked well for Landrum Middle School in the past. We also have NEW board members this year, who have brought on an amazing amount of new energy and new ideas and for that- I AM ONE PUMPED PRESIDENT! Expectations? This group has crushed it coming out of the gates thus far! It’s going to be a great year!

If you could ask one thing of each parent at Landrum what would it be?

Simple. We know it’s Middle School. We know these are the more challenging years when our children “don’t want us around,” And the “Room Mom” days are over. And, the “Don’t do that, you’re embarrassing me!” moments start happening. I say WHO CARES! Without our Lion Community, we don’t have anything. So, I ask our parents to join our PTO as members. I ask our parents to read our emails, as we are planning on parent events this year! I ask our parents to volunteer if we need you. I ask our parents to help us MAKE MIDDLE SCHOOL COOL again. Because together we can. And THAT is my goal. Seeing Landrum magnets, Landrum stickers, Landrum spirit wear splashed amongst our beach community is what Landrum is going to be about. Pride in the hallways and Pride throughout our entire Lion community. Being PROUD to be a Landrum Lion!

Any tips for newcomers in the community starting school?

If you are moving from within our state or from out of state and you have enrolled your child into Landrum this school year, we ask that you join us on August 2nd, from 9:30-11AM! The Landrum Student Council and PTO are hosting a “Lion Meet & Greet” at the school! The students will be greeted by our student council board officers and will be given a tour of our school. The parents will have an opportunity to mix and mingle over breakfast while meeting faculty/staff, PTO board members and more! It will be a nice warm welcome to our new families. Also, please know that we will be hosting parent only events, hopefully quarterly, just another way to get our parents involved in school without coming into the school and embarrassing your child. We want the Landrum Lion to spirt to be vast and wide…

Anything else?

Be sure to “LOVE” our NEW Facebook Page and to follow us on our website. We intend to have our website be the MANE host of ALL Landrum Lion information this school year! One stop shopping, if you will!

On behalf of the entire PTO Pride Board, we would like to thank you all in advance for your support! We look forward to a wonderful school year and to seeing you all in the “Lion’s Den!”

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