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Meet Leslie Bohsali PVPV/Rawlings PTO President 2018/2019

PVPV/Rawlings is Ponte Vedra Beaches oldest elementary school. It’s well established with a fabulous history of strong PTO support. This year’s PTO leader, Leslie Bohsali, will continue the stellar parent support that makes the PVPV/Rawlings Sea Turtle community so special. Organized, intelligent, and on-task.

What made you want to take on the job of PTO president?

After serving on the PTO board for the past few years, I realized the importance and significance of the PTO’s support to the school.  Because I am passionate about the school and my childrens’ education, I decided to step into the role of PTO President. 

What are your top two goals this year?

My primary goal is to provide support for the administration and staff so  PVPV/Rawlings remains a school of excellence and continues to be a school with enriched learning environments for all kids. 

Secondly, I would love to establish a warm, welcoming environment for all stakeholders.  We chose to have a theme of “TEAM Turtle” for this year since Together Everyone Achieves More.  My hope is that every family at the school feels a part of TEAM Turtle!

What is most striking to you about PVPV/Rawlings? The good? The bad?

The most striking thing about PVPV/Rawlings to me is the dedication of the teachers and staff year after year!  These teachers really are what makes the school great!

Do you have a fundraising goal? If so, what is your number? What was last years #?

Our school relies heavily on PTO funding to bridge the gap between state funding and the funds it requires to keep PVPV/Rawlings a school of excellence.  With that being said, we have very generous community partners as well as families at our school and are blessed with the amount of funds that we raise.  We are already gearing up for our biggest fundraiser of the year, our Turtle Trot.  We will have a goal of $100,000 which is what we raised last year. 

What is your expectation of PTO members? 

We love all our PTO members.  Everyone has different time and talents.  Whether it be volunteering for a committee, contributing with monetary donations, or just supporting the PTO board, I am hoping everyone finds they are welcome.

If you could ask one thing of each parent at PVPV/Rawlings what would it be?

I would love to have each family at PVPV/Rawlings become engaged this year in their child’s education.  Whether that be supporting the classroom teacher or joining PTO, each family’s involvement is so important to the success of their child’s education. 

Any tips for newcomers in the community starting school?

My advice for newcomers in the school or community would be to get involved right away!  Contacting the PTO President is a great way to find out more about the school, provide opportunities to meet people, and provide ways to get involved.   

Anything else?

I am super excited about the newest way at PVPV/Rawlings to show your school spirit, wish someone a Happy Birthday, or send a message of appreciation to a favorite teacher!  PVPV/Rawlings now has a Spirit Rock!  Anyone can rent the rock and be a PVPV/Rawlings Rock Star for the day! 

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