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Mermaid Coral Beth: A real mermaid right here!

Mermaid Coral Beth: A real mermaid right here!
Mermaid Coral Beth in the Jaguars cabana pool.

If you’re looking for a “flipping fintastic” event, you don’t have to look any further than our own backyard thanks to local Beth Sullivan.

Beth Sullivan, Celebrity Fashion Stylist for Jacksonville-based Sei Bella Image Consulting, has a little something different to add to her resume these days.  And she’s been making quite a splash around town.

Sullivan recently acquired a position on the 6 person team of world renowned mermaid entertainer, Mermaid Kariel.

“I was volunteering for AquaJax as a mermaid for fun, and one of the board members, John Jay, mentioned he knew Mermaid Kariel,” says Sullivan. “Kariel is the world’s leading mermaid entertainer, and single handedly made being a mermaid a full time career. Aside from creating a team of professional mermaids around the globe, she also makes and sells incredible mermaid “Tails of Art,” and is now working on her second children’s book. Her books focus on sharing your special talents, and are known for it’s anti-bullying push in our society.”

Little did Sullivan know, that John Jay would have Kariel call to wish her happy birthday on August 1st. Kariel and Sullivan hit it off, and their instant soul connection was, as she describes “beyond comparable.”

“I know I am blessed to be working on her incredible team of mermaids. And, who doesn’t dream of being a mermaid!?,” she says.

So, we asked Sullivan, now known as “Mermaid Coral Beth,” what it takes to be a mermaid.

“Some breath hold training, a good business sense, and being a very strong swimmer. Professional mermaid tails weigh anywhere from 30-60 pounds a piece! So it’s all about control, relaxation, and really being able to let go and feel your inner mermaid come through,” she says.

“Acting classes also certainly help,” she adds.

Now, Mermaid Coral Beth is Florida’s only professional international mermaid, and is going around on Kariel’s campaign called, “Mermaids on a Mission,” where she currently holds a legal badge as a vendor to read in every public school in the state of Florida sharing “The Brave Mermaid” children’s book, while spreading an incredible anti-bullying campagin. (And, the soon to come 2nd book called, “How a Mermaid is Born.”)

Mermaid Coral Beth in her clam shell.
Mermaid Coral Beth in her clam shell.

Of course, you can book Mermaid Coral Beth for just about anything: birthday parties, hotel & resort appearances, “Fin to Fitness” classes for adults, weddings, private events, media tours, book signings, movies, and more!

Tomorrow, you, will have a chance to see her and Mermaid Kariel, (who lives in Hawaii, but is making a special trip to Jacksonville,) in Neptune Beach! Be sure to check them out together for the first time!

$1 for every “The Brave Mermaid” book sold that night will go back to Dreams Come True Jacksonville! And, Mermaid Kariel and Mermaid Coral Beth will also be featurued on WJXT’s, “River City Live” showcasing their big event! For more information, you can visit

Tickets and information on “Mermaid Magic in Neptune Beach” can be found on Facebook at:


“Mermaid Magic in Neptune Beach”

Friday, January 8th, 200 1st Street Courtyard

Public: 3:30pm-4:30pm

VIP: $35, 5:15pm-6pm (include a signed copy of “The Brave Mermaid Book,” Photo Op from Deanne Dunlop Photography Studios, meet-n-greet, and a special reading of The Brave Mermaid. Tickets are online on the FB invite, and will bring you to the website. (Limited tickets available!)

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