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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Sunday, May 10 is Mother’s Day. Maybe going out for brunch will be an option but if not here are some other ideas.


Think the mom in your life could use a break? Book a night at the Hilton Garden Inn. Clean sheets, no kids, 24 hours to indulge in her favorite things. Movies and pizza,  books and ice cream,  or maybe face masks and wine.   A little time alone can be a nice intermission from the all-consuming unknown of Covid 19 news.


Something Special

Cresta Bledsoe Fine Jewelry

Some women like a present. A delightfully wrapped token of love.

Jewelry is a classic gift and in addition to her popular shark teeth pieces,  Cresta Bledsoe Fine Jewelry has beautiful and dainty necklaces in the Littles Collection perfect for everyday and layering.

Another timeless option is flowers. Kuhn’s Flowers has been serving Jacksonville since 1947 and wins lots of local accolades.

Thus far we are not yet back to wandering stores looking for the perfect thing and some may still be uneasy about shopping inside for non-essential goods. Luckily, a few local shops will deliver.  Oca Studio offers delivery and carries candles that are stunning in packaging as well as smell.

Gift Cards

Usually, gift cards are meh. This year, they can be a thoughtful way to set a date at the place you have missed the most or an intentional purchase towards the re-opening of her favorite store, fitness studio, yoga class, or coffee bar when social distancing is over.

No-cost options:

Clean something. It is a rare person who doesn’t appreciate someone else’s effort towards a sparkling car,  an empty sink and dishwasher, laundry done and put away, vacuumed floors, etc. Even if these tasks normally spark joy, they historically fall to the women in the household and with everyone home, routine upkeep is not typical.

Decide what’s for dinner. This is my personal fave and what I ask for every year. Don’t ask me what’s for dinner or what there is to eat for an entire day and I am over the moon. Go the extra mile and make or order a meal. Make a batch of cocktails or mocktails. Put out candles, make it special.


Some people really want for nothing. If that’s the case, there are plenty of people who are truly in need and you can make a donation in honor of your loved one.

Other Resources 

This Saturday (May 2), local beach shop owners will be doing special promotions to encourage customers to buy local. More information is available at Beaches Shop Small.

For non-local options, here are some  good guides from The Everygirl, Mother Mag and Good Housekeeping. 


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