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Nailing the Back-to-School Sleep Routine: 8 Tips for Restful Success

You’ve ticked off the school shopping list, snagged fresh supplies, and even sharpened the pencils. But have you thought about tuning up your child’s sleep routine for the upcoming school year? Sleep is a key player in alertness, stress levels, and overall temperament, which all circle back to learning and social interactions. After a summer of carefree nights and leisurely mornings, your child’s sleep schedule might need a little nudge before school starts. Here are some tips to help you out:

Start Early

Get a head start—10 days to two weeks before school begins is ideal. If time’s tight, no worries, just kick it off as soon as you can. Gradually push wake-up and bedtime 15 minutes earlier each day to ease into the rhythm.

Adjust Bedtime

About a week before school, start shifting bedtime progressively earlier each night. You can even do this after school’s begun—it’s effective. Use alarms or timers as a reminder to wind down.

Stick to the Schedule

Once you’ve established a sleep schedule, aim to maintain it. This might be smoother with younger kids but can be trickier with teens, especially on weekends.

Relaxing Routine

Set up a calming bedtime routine—a bath, bedtime story, or quiet reading time if they’re older.

Screen Time Off

Power down screens an hour before bed. Keep screens out of the bedroom. Set a nightly alarm to signal it’s time to prepare for sleep.

Peaceful Sleep Space

A serene sleeping environment—dim lighting, comfy bed, and a suitable temperature—sets the stage for quality rest. Consider a white noise machine or fan for added tranquility.

Prep Ahead

Streamline mornings by packing lunches, laying out clothes, and organizing backpacks the night before.

Lead by Example

Model good sleep habits yourself. Kids often follow our lead!

Quality sleep is essential for our kids’ success in school. A consistent, healthy sleep routine is more important than ever. Get ready to help your kids excel by ensuring they’re well-rested and ready to take on each school day with vigor.

About the Author

Jenn Heller is the Operations Manager for The Volen Group, Keller Williams Luxury International, a top real estate team in Ponte Vedra Beach. Jenn has over 18 years experience in Real Estate all in Ponte Vedra Beach, she is an Atlantic Beach resident via Long Island, NY since 1991, a book worm, and loves sports, dogs and the beach.

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