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Nona Blue Coming To Sawgrass Village?

Official drawing of the layout
Official drawing of the layout

Yesterday I got the phone number for the property manager at Ponte Vedra’s Sawgrass Village to find out more about the development plans and confirm who the locked in tenants for the shopping center are. I haven’t had a chance to call, but it must be on everyone’s mind, as a friend just sent me a note saying that golfer Graeme McDowell’s Nona Blue, described as a “modern” tavern with shareable plates, was going to be opening in a new building in Sawgrass Village.

Are the rumors true? Anyone have some inside scoop? This could be exciting. And what happened to the Panera rumor? Officially dead?

It looks like Peterbrooke is making good progress in their build out (rumor has it it will have coffee and ice cream). If you walk from Publix over to Trasca, you can definitely start to get a feel for things.

Ponte Vedra is in dire need of a community center of sorts. Fingers crossed the plans pan out. It doesn’t look as walkable as I would like – I really wish there was a courtyard with a fountain or something. But, it’ll definitely be an improvement.

We hope to get to the bottom of the plans this week, or at least confirm or deny some of the rumors!

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