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Ode to the Road

Ode to the RoadSince moving to PVB over 14 years ago, we have taken a road trip every summer to visit family up north. Here are a few things that have worked for us:

1. Leave Early

If you have toddlers, the earlier the better. This sage nugget was passed on by a friend who had been driving to Boston with three kids for a few years. If you leave at 5am, you will be exhausted but you can put in some serious road time before the kids get antsy.

2. When You Stop – Everyone Goes

This can sometimes prevent the, “I have to pee” whine that┬ástarts 30 minutes you have left the gas station. We have used some gross facilities but for the most part have had clean, unremarkable experiences.

3. Bring Movies, Snacks, Books etc. To Entertain

Hold off on doing it all in the first hour of the trip.

4. Car Games

Can provide some long-lasting entertainment and memories. I still get teased for my contribution to a story in the round.

5. App -solutely! Google Maps Has Been Fantastic

iExit can help locate the next Starbucks, McDonald’s or whatever else you need. And, if you happen to be in the NYC area and are looking for Broadway tickets the app for TKTS will tell you what’s available at their kiosks.

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