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It came in like a wrecking ball: Old Ponte Vedra real estate

By Gwinn Volen

Old Ponte Vedra Beach is decidedly the crown jewel of Ponte Vedra real estate. 

The biggest reason is location, location, and location. You can walk to the beach or your favorite club. The lots are spacious and usually flank water or one of the Ponte Vedra Inn & Clubs golf courses. There’s no HOA, which is a big plus for many. It’s central and really easy to sneak down to Jacksonville Beach on a bike. And, it just has that je ne sais quoi.

Old Ponte Vedra Beach Demolition Permits

I walk frequently in Old Ponte Vedra, and though I’m in real estate, I’m still always floored by the number of homes being demolished. I have jokingly referred to it as the Old Ponte Vedra claw.  


In the past month or so, I’ve seen at least four homes come down on my little 1.5-mile loop around Pablo Road and San Juan Drive. I had to investigate.

Old Ponte Vedra Beach
Old Ponte Vedra Construction

According to the St Johns County website, 18 demolition permits were filed to remove homes in Old Ponte Vedra Beach in the last 12 months. 18? Holy moly?! If you don’t believe me, search the St Johns County permit website and pick through it. Key street names to look for are San Juan Drive, Pablo Road, Ponte Vedra Circle, Lake Road, Maria Place, Solana Road, and of course Ponte Vedra Boulevard.

There are numerous reasons people decide to flatten older homes. Bottom line is that real estate is a big long-term investment, and homeowners have many things to weigh out – budget, home condition, personal needs, and even future buyer needs.

Old Ponte Vedra Real Estate

As far as sales go, in the last year, the best “deal”  in terms of location and lot was a foreclosure at 352 San Juan that went for $880,000. The home was a teardown, and a new home is in the works on the lot.

Generally speaking, lot value is $1M+ right now, with the least expensive active property currently listed being $1,150,000.  Here’s a look at the current inventory of homes for sale in Old Ponte Vedra, as well as statistical data on the area.  If you look at the list, you’ll see there is one home on Le Master with a contract on it that was listed at $830,000. That price is an anomaly these days and has to do with the lot. It was a great price, and it went in a blink of an eye. Like I said, $1M+ is typically the bar.

There’s a price to pay, but if your wallet allows, Old Ponte Vedra is a great place to be. The home/land values will continue to appreciate. Just know, you might come in like a wrecking ball too.




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