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    Amy Cornett: Our Inaugural Ponte Vedra of the Week

    This really should be called “Six Degrees of Amy Cornett.” Seriously, who doesn’t know Amy? And if you don’t, you should. She’s a lovely lady who has millions of friends. If Malcolm Gladwell met her, he’d most definitely identify her as

    amy cornett and family
    Amy Cornett and family

    a “connector.” She’s energetic, multi-talented and a fine friend to many. This is the first of a regular feature. Nominate someone you’d like to be the Ponte Vedran of the Week! They’ll all be stored in the PVB People category.

    Name:  Amy Cornett, legally I am Amanda which most people don’t know. Although I am only Amanda to telemarketers!

    Occupation: Being a Mom is my first “profession”, after that Photographer and PR and Marketing for Various Local Businesses. I love being around others and meeting new people. I am blessed that I get to do that everyday!

    Where I grew up: Severna Park, Maryland a small waterfront town just outside of Annapolis. Very similar to Ponte Vedra/

    A Ponte Vedran since: 2003

    Other Places I have lived? Other than 6 months in Philly… a true Marylander

    My favorite thing about Ponte Vedra: The small town feel… and the beach!

    My least favorite thing about Ponte Vedra: Lack of diversity

    In my spare time I like too? Explore new places with my family, we are always looking for an exciting day trip. You never know where we will end up on a random weekend. Thank goodness for Yelp and Trip Advisor for unique ideas!

    Ponte Vedran you most admire: My husband, he has an incredible work ethic and is a wonderful husband and devoted father.

    My favorite time in Ponte Vedra: Spring and Fall. I love taking the kids to the beach after school and letting them run free.

    Dream Vacation other than Ponte Vedra? Crete, I would love to visit the Mediterranean

    If I could invite anyone over to dinner – 2 Ponte Vedrans and one famous person – who would you invite?  It is so cliché, but I would love to have Oprah. I have always been a fan. The two Ponte Vedrans is a difficult question. It would be extremely hard to pick just two. Since I am fortunate to be able to dine with friends often I would choose someone  I do not know: first I would choose the person that has lived in Ponte Vedra the longest. I would love to discuss the changes they have seen over the years and discover what it was like to grow up in what was a sleepy beach town. Secondly I would pick my 12 year old daughter to come learn from both our other guests.

    Last time you went to the beach: Yesterday, Great sunset photo shoot

    Favorite Ponte Vedra organization: Although it is not Ponte Vedra based, Mission House is my favorite local organization. I have served lunch there a few times in the past months and I am not sure who gets more out of it the homeless men and women or me.

    Favorite Ponte Vedra restaurant (or area): Palm Valley Fish Camp

    Favorite place for a cocktail: Not much of a drinker… I’d rather have dessert! I’ll eat chocolate anywhere!

    Favorite way to get exercise here: Beach walks with friends and watching my kids surf (does that count?)

    Favorite movie: The American President

    Favorite TV show: The Goldbergs… I love reliving the 80s.

    Favorite book:  That’s tough… It is usually whatever I am reading. I love to read and devour books.

    Favorite band or music: Maroon 5

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