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Plantation Oaks Ponte Vedra Beach: The Insider’s Guide

By Gwinn Volen, Focus Editorial Team and Real Estate Agent

Are you curious about homes for sale in Plantation Oaks? Wondering what the neighborhood is all about?

As a real estate agent and frequent mover, I’ve lived in several neighborhoods since moving to Ponte Vedra Beach in 2006 from Pasadena, CA.

Though I no longer live there, Plantation Oaks still holds a special place in my heart. It was the perfect place for us moving from California. My fondest memories of Plantation Oaks are afternoons on the cul-de-sac, my kids playing with the neighbor kids – toys, bikes and balls scattered – while I sipped wine with my buddies, perhaps a little before 5 o’clock.

Some Facts

Plantation Oaks is a gated community just off of Palm Valley Road/210 near “the Publix at the roundabout,” as locals would say. It has approximately 165 homes, most of which were built in the early 2000s.  There’s a community pool, playground, tennis courts and a basketball hoop at the front of the neighborhood. It’s super centrally located – close to Davis Park and Ponte Vedra High School, as well as Ocean Palms Elementary and Landrum Middle School. The main builders in the neighborhood were ICI and John Kenny.

I interviewed a few current homeowners – Melissa Udekwu, Karen Freedman, Melissa Dionne and Scott Wolter(also HOA president) – about Plantation Oaks and why one might want to live there. Here’s what they had to say about living in Plantation Oaks.

Favorite Thing about Plantation Oaks

“The location! It’s very central to just about everywhere… schools, shopping, restaurants, beach,” says Udekwu.

Freedman agrees.

“The location is ideal in regards to the wonderful public schools in St johns County,” she says.

Freedman is one of the original homeowners in Plantation Oaks, having lived there for 15 years.

“There are several qualities that appealed to our decision to build a house in this neighborhood,” she said. “We loved the beautiful oak trees that outlined the front of the neighborhood and the fact that the builder had left many of the trees throughout which contributed to the beauty and added value.  We also liked the style of the homes.  While similar, they are not all cookie cutter but unique in various ways.”

Freedman has raised two daughters in Plantation Oaks. 

“It has been a wonderful and safe place to raise kids. Always plenty of children in the neighborhood outside playing,” she said.

Dionne is one of several in the neighborhood who moved away due to careers, only to move back a few years later. Having had a comparison point to other areas, she knew when relocating back to Florida that Plantation Oaks would be a good fit.

“Plantation Oaks is a great family friendly neighborhood but has all ages, younger families to retirees” said Dionne.  “I enjoy the mix, and you get a great sense of community within the neighborhood as well. “

Although Dionne has only been back in the neighborhood a few months, she said the transition has been seamless for her three daughters, ages 9, 12 and 15, who have someone to hang out with every afternoon.

Wolter, another neighborhood long-timer, likes the lot size to home size ratio. “You have great neighbors, but you aren’t right on top of them,” he said.

Some Neighborhood Misconceptions

One of the misconceptions might be that the neighborhood is expensive, says Wolter.

Perhaps it’s the gates, says Udekwu. ” They are pretty and very ornate, but in reality the neighborhood is filled with families and kids. “

Is it expensive? There is actually a real range of pricing. In 2016 closed sales showed a high at $1,150,00 and a low at $621,000.

Favorite Time of Year in the Neighborhood

There doesn’t seem to be a consensus as to the best time of year. There are regular community building activities like bunco and book club, and there are social events throughout the year. But here are some answers.

“Summer,” said Udekwu. “Kids are out playing, families are socializing, you can always find a place to dip your feet and have a cold one with friends!”

“My favorite time of year is Halloween,” said Freedman. “In the past we have had neighborhood parties, haunted houses, and it’s an overall safe place for our kids to trick or treat.”

What Home Buyers Want to  Know: Good or Bad

“Our neighborhood has held its value fairly consistently over the years. If you want family friendly, safe, and welcoming, this is the place,” said Udekwu. One down point might be the gates. “While pretty, they break a lot,” she said

“The club house is great and often used for both kid’s birthday parties and adult functions,” said Dionne.

But, one drawback for her is transportation to and from the local public schools. Ocean Palms Elementary and Landrum Middle are less than two miles away.

“There is no bus service to the elementary and middle schools,” she said.  “Many of us carpool to help with this challenge; but, it’s important for people to know before they buy in PO, that the bus only services the high school.”

What About the HOA?

HOA President Wolter says that the HOA is financially sound.

In fact, he said that Plantation Oaks is considering adding new amenities.  They are looking at beach volleyball, pickleball, and a new basketball court.

Annual dues run between $1700 and $1800.

Market Statistics and Homes for Sale in Plantation Oaks

This page provides you with a look at the current real estate inventory in Plantation Oaks as well as market statistics on sold homes.

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