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Ponte Vedra Citizens Against Preferential Zoning: Call for Action

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Aerial of proposed development in relation to other developments and wetlands.

By Gwinn Volen

I’m a board member of the Ponte Vedra Community Association. This evening we had a guest speaker who came in to talk on the behalf of a newly formed group,  Ponte Vedra Citizens Against Preferential Zoning for Developers.

The group is in opposition of a proposed new development at 1044 Ponte Vedra Boulevard, which in their minds sets a negative precedence in favor of builders.

The county commission is supposed to meet tomorrow, October 20, on this subject. If you have a concern about how development is being managed in the area, continue to read.

I don’t have a stake in this game, but love to see citizen action in the area, regardless of the cause. People caring about what goes on around them is what makes a community strong!

Here’s the skinny, in their words…

<<Our property values are about to be reduced. The Ponte Vedra Zoning and Adjustment Board granted a maximum fill variance, enabling a developer to build 23 homes on a lot at 1044 Ponte Vedra Blvd.

Without the variance, the developer would be able to build no more than 8 homes. An appeal to take this variance away and protect our property values and property rights has been filed with our Board of County Commissioners. The appeal will be heard at the October 20th [tomorrow]  meeting of the Board.

If they deny the appeal, and allow this variance to stand, it will set a precedent that could dramatically change all of Ponte Vedra. Allowing this developer to fill in the flood plain of the Guana River and build 3 times as many houses as our zoning code allows will reduce our property values, increase flooding issues and shatter our expectation that our zoning laws would be enforced equally. We relied on that expectation when we purchased our homes.

We have a goal of sending 100 emails to our Commissioners. Please help us meet this goal. We feel this level of outrage in our community will get our Commissioners’ attention.
Commissioners’ email addresses:;;;;

Copy ours into your cc line:

Subject: Repeal the variance for the PV Preserve – PVZVAR 2015-02>>


Please visit the Ponte Vedra Citizens Against Preferential Zoning for Developers Facebook page here for more information.

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2 Responses to “Ponte Vedra Citizens Against Preferential Zoning: Call for Action”

  • Nancy Condron
    Written on

    The Board of County Commissioners will most likely delay hearing the issue until November 17th, because Sawgrass, as an adjacent property owner, was not given notice of the variance request. If the BOCC does not delay hearing it, it will be heard sometime after lunch. We will let everyone know via our Facebook page. Thank you for your interest and support!

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