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Ponte Vedra Municipal Services District election results

Congratulations to Kitty Switkes, John Cellucci and Brad Wester, your new trustees for the Ponte Vedra Municipal Services District.

These individuals will be a part of a 7 member board of trustees who are responsible for decisions within the MSD.

Ponte Vedra Municipal Services District Map
Rough outline of the MSD district (Primary areas are Old Ponte Vedra, Seaview Park and Ponte Vedra Boulevard)

Here’s a map that shows the outline of the areas for which the MSD is responsible.

The MSD provides supplemental services to all residents within the MSD. It gives residents a board who will listen and help to keep our community a safe and beautiful place to live.

MSD Services:

  • Contracts with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Department for 5 full time deputies to patrol within the MSD
  • Provides additional garbage pickup at the side door
  • Provides street lighting and signs
  • Maintains beach accesses along Ponte Vedra Boulevard
  • Works on the overall upkeep and look of the community

Here is a copy of the MSD budget.

On a separate matter, why did we only have a 24% voter turnout for the August 30 primary in St Johns County?! That probably deserves it’s own blog piece.

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