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Ponte Vedran of the…. Jane Pascal

Ponte Vedra – If you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Jane Pascal or eating any of Jane’s food, you are missing out on one of Ponte Vedra’s hidden treasures!

Funny, fabulous and a fantastic fantastic cook, all of Jane’s adventure’s are entertaining. Of course, she is human, so there is some struggle. But even those hurdles she handles with aplomb.  Recently, Jane launched an awesome new website where you can read about her culinary and life experiences, and we thought was a great time to “focus” on her!

Name: Jane Pascal

Occupation: Passionate home cook & Author of blog!

Where I grew up: Yorkshire England

A Ponte Vedran since: 2004

Other Places I have lived? London, Italy, Singapore, Miami

My favorite thing about Ponte Vedra: my posse of pals

My least favorite thing about Ponte Vedra: Humidity… hate it when my mascara RUNS!!!

In my spare time I like too? IRON… and watch British murder mysteries on Netflix at the same time!!

Ponte Vedran you most admire: ABSOLUTELY CANNOT PICK…Tabitha Furyk for her phenomenal support of children’s charities. Helga Tan Fellows for making her dream come true with her Aquaponic Farm. Margaret Gellatly for her unending support of the Arts here in Jacksonville.Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 7.03.53 AM

My favorite time in Ponte Vedra: When Friends visit from England in Spring

Dream Vacation other than Ponte Vedra? A culinary FOOD trip ANYWHERE!

If I could invite anyone over to dinner – 2 Ponte Vedrans and one famous person – who would you invite? My husband and 2 boys (Maxi can sit on Louis’ Knee!!!)… Delia Smith

Last time you went to the beach: Easter… here at the Lodge

Last time you saw live music: 2 weeks ago… Dierks Bentley

Favorite Ponte Vedra organization: The Furyk and Friends Foundation

Favorite Ponte Vedra restaurant (or area): As of last night… IL DESKO

Favorite place for a cocktail: other Friends’ houses

Favorite way to get exercise here: Cooking is my Cardio

Favorite movie: Ratatouille

Favorite TV show: Poirot

Favorite book: ANY Lonely Planet Travel book

Favorite band or music: Queen

Something most people don’t know about you: I used to be a professional makeup artist in London

Anything else: My boys think I’m bonkers!!!

Editors Note: We are calling this feature the Ponte Vedran of the… Initially we planned to do this weekly or monthly and have a Ponte Vedran of the Week (or Month). However, we quickly learned it was harder to nail people down than we thought, and sometimes we just get too busy to stick to a firm schedule. So…Ponte Vedran of the….

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