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Ponte Vedran of the Week: Amy Yorio Owner of Body20

By Gwinn Volen

Exercising and juggling life gets complicated. Add in some injuries and a maybe a few years on the life clock, and it becomes even more complicated. Local Amy Yorio is bringing a new exercise studio, Body20, to Ponte Vedra Beach that will hopefully help some of us fit in some high-quality exercise in a condensed 20-minute session with a high level of results.

Body29 Ponte Vedra Beach
Coach Rayne Training Amy Yorio

A life-long exercise enthusiast, physician and mom, Yorio is opening a Body20 studio in Merchant’s Plaza, just down from Zoe’s Kitchen.

“Body 20 is a boutique fitness studio utilizing EMS (ElectroMuscularStimulation) so that the 20 minute workout is equivalent to 3-5 hours in the conventional gym,” says Yorio. “It is a customizable full body workout that has zero impact on the joints.”

Body20 is scheduled to open once they receive their CO, but the target date is March 1. Yorio and one of her trainers Dottie Cunningham, gave me a trial run. I was fitted into an EMS suit and went through a series of exercises. If you have had EMS at the chiropractor, it’s a comparable sensation with some exercises causing a stronger jolt than others. The exercises weren’t particularly difficult, but I assure you I was quite sore and slept the night after as though I’d done a massive workout. And, I was so taken, I signed up.

Here’s a bit about Yorio. Body20 is currently accepting founding members which offers some discounts and perks.

How did you find out about Body20 and what made you decide to take the leap?

I heard about Body20 from the studio owner in Jax Beach.  With my background in science and fitness, I was intrigued by the concept.  I researched the science behind EMS and believed in the potential for its use in fitness.  Then I tried the workout and was shocked to find that I was sore in a good way after a 12 minute demo and could usually do hours of exercise without getting sore. I believe strongly in health and wellness and think that Ponte Vedra is an active community, so I wanted to bring this cutting edge fitness concept to our community.

What is your regular exercise routine? Have you seen a difference in your fitness since starting Body20?

I’ve always been an avid exerciser. I was initially certified in Group Exercise when I was in my early 20’s but was too busy with medical school to do much with the certification.  I recertified in 2014 and have been teaching some Zumba, Hiit, strength/cardio classes since then.

My routine has changed since COVID.  When COVID hit, I started working out at home with boot camp (treadmill/strength combination) and yoga.  Now I am back to Zumba once a week and doing Body20 at home since November.  I have found that my endurance has significantly increased and well as improved core strength due to Body20.  

One advantage of Body20 with COVID is that it is one-on-one personal training with the trainers wearing masks.  We also have a hospital grade sanitation regimen.

What was/is your previous career/what’s your background?

I am a physician.  I graduated from Syracuse Medical School in 1999 and completed an OB/GYN residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2003.  I currently work at Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Tell us about being a founding member? When do you open?

Body20 Founding members have the following benefits:

Lower rates that are grandfathered in.

The ability to go month-to-month without a long term commitment

2 FREE VIP weeks before Grand Opening.

We are currently under construction with Grand Opening predicted to be 3/8/2021

(VIP weeks start 2/22/21)

What do people need to know about Body20? Is 20 minutes a week all one needs to do?

Body20 is an amazing 20 minute workout utilizing EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) technology that is equivalent to 3-5 hours in a conventional gym.  It is a full body workout every time with zero impact on the joints.  It is customizable and can benefit people at any fitness level, from novice to elite athlete.

Since 20 minutes is equivalent to 3-5 hours in the gym, once or twice a week is all that you really need.  We make the recommendations of frequency based on data from an InBody analysis which is included in the membership.

Body20 is very complimentary to other fitness concepts.  You can still do other activities you enjoy such as golf, tennis, bike riding, walking on the beach, yoga, etc. in addition to Body20.  However, if time is limited, the 20 minute workout, which is 1% of one day, is equal to having spent 4-6 hours in the gym and can be enough.

Where did you grow up? Rochester, NY

How long have you lived here? We moved to Ponte Vedra Beach 6 years ago from Long Island, NY

Other places you have lived? Rochester, NY, College at Penn State in State College, PA, Medical School in Syracuse, NY, Residency in Baltimore, MD, 2 years in Annapolis, MD and 9 years in Huntington, NY (Long Island)

Your favorite thing about Ponte Vedra/Jax etc: I love this beach community! I feel it is a community that cares about each other. I love taking a walk on the beach with friends.

Ponte Vedran you most admire? I’ve met many people that I admire here, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one.  I’ve met many fabulous fitness instructors.  I’ve been involved in Ocean Palms PTO, Landrum Science Fair, Landrum cheerleading and have met so many great involved moms that I respect.

Your favorite time in Ponte Vedra? I love going to the beach and hanging out with friends.  I also enjoy going to the TPC.

Dream vacation other than Ponte Vedra?  Prior to living in Ponte Vedra, I would have said my dream vacation was a beach vacation. I loved visiting Paris 2 years ago and am looking forward to eventually going to Italy.

Last time you went to the beach? It’s been cold and I’ve been busy with starting Body20, so I probably haven’t been since November.  I usually go more frequently.  The beach is my happy place!

Favorite area organization? There are many great organizations. I am partial to Love Me True Cat Rescue.  We got our cat from there and volunteer there once a month.

Favorite Ponte Vedra restaurant (or area)? We love to support our local restaurants.  Favorites include: Palm Valley Fish Camp, Nona Blue, Aqua Grill, Valley Smoke, V pizza, Napolis, Trasca, Down South BBQ.

Anything else you’d like to share or something others might not know? We are happy to have local Ponte Vedra residents working at Body20 Ponte Vedra Beach. Dottie Cunningham, Kristin Morgan and Rachel Henzey all live in Ponte Vedra Beach and our manager, Herman Louw, lives in Nocatee.


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