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Ponte Vedran of the Week: George Stavros

George is one of a kind. He selflessly raises money for his church, holds all your stuff when you walk a 5K, and roots for the underdog…check out  the Baltimore Raven’s record. He is a long distance runner and yet has sustained so many injuries, you’d think it was a contact sport. He is the friend you want when your chips are down. And he’s the friend you want when your chips are up – there’s no one better to celebrate with. In sum, he’s a model citizen..check out the photo!

GS Linkedin Photo 2 Name: George Stavros

Occupation: CEO, Pacesetter Technology. We build mobile apps for luxury clubs.

Where I grew up: Baltimore, MD

A Ponte Vedran since: 2007

Other Places I have lived? Most recently Pinehurst, NC & Jamaica…God Bless America

My favorite thing about Ponte Vedra: How about thing(s)? An oceanfront oasis that somehow remains “under the radar,” a wonderful place to raise a family, active & athletic community, great weather, award winning schools, a sneaky-strong business environment, and multiple memory care options for when I forget where I live.

My least favorite thing about Ponte Vedra: The fact that no telephone operator can either spell or pronounce our town.

In my spare time I like too? Count the number of banks that are opening on A1A. I am hoping for one more in 2015.

Ponte Vedran you most admire: My wife, she is molding lots of little Ponte Vedrans as she teaches kindergarten at PV/PV. I just scored a lot of points with that one.

My favorite time in Ponte Vedra: When the Blue Angels come screaming over our heads. I never get tired of that. The morning of The Donna is a close 2nd. Seeing this community come together is inspiring…even at mile 22.

Dream Vacation other than Ponte Vedra? Being Greek, my wife and I want to take kids back to the “Mother Land”.

If I could invite anyone over to dinner – 2 Ponte Vedrans and one famous person – who would you invite? Willow Logue for her journalism coverage, my son Aiden who will ask countless questions and Oprah. Let’s see if she is really counting her points on Weight Watchers.George Stavros and his family

Last time you went to the beach: Sadly, we did not make it to the beach this summer as a family. Shameful.

Last time you saw live music: The Sharkapellas… they brought the house down.

Favorite Ponte Vedra organization: The ladies who play mahjong at Poppy’s on Tuesday afternoons.

Favorite Ponte Vedra restaurant (or area): Medure. Locally owned and they care.

Favorite place for a cocktail: The Players on a sunny Friday afternoon in May…it doesn’t get any better.

Favorite way to get exercise here: Running with my daughter, Sydney and the PVHS Cross Country Team. They try to bury me.

Favorite movie: You would be shocked by the number of movies that I have never seen.

Favorite TV show: Watching the NFL…with my family…closely monitoring our fantasy football performance.

Favorite book: Soon to be released, Ponte Vedra for Dummies…The Untold Story

Favorite band or music: Some friends and I were discussing how few great bands emerged from the 90’s. The criteria was that they had to be making relevant music today and could sell out an arena. If you think about it, it’s slim pick’ns.

Something most people don’t know about you: I have a pen-pal who lives in the state penitentiary. After hearing some stories, I will remain a law-abiding citizen.

Anything else: Does this qualify me for Ponte Vedran of the Month?

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