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Ponte Vedran of the Week: Tory Eulenfeld

There are people who are so cheerful, positive and full of great energy you can’t help but smile when you are around them. Tory Eulenfeld is one of those people. Creative, talented, driven, supportive and dedicated…there really aren’t enough positive adjectives to describe her.  So without any more gushing, here is our PV of the week – Tory!

Jason Hall, CEC, Sous Chef Charlie Brown, me, Executive Chef Eric Butcher
Jason Hall, CEC, Sous Chef Charlie Brown, Tory, and Executive Chef Eric Butche

Name: Victoria “Tory” Eulenfeld

Occupation: Director of Member Services for the National Golf Course Restaurant Society and mommy to Jake (7)

Where I grew up: Roswell and Atlanta, GA, and kinda Ponte Vedra

A Ponte Vedran since: Officially Dec 2006, but my mom and bonus dad have been here since 1996.

Other Places I have lived?  Charleston, WV, Charlotte, NC, Marietta, GA, Roswell, GA, Atlanta, GA,  Boone, NC and Charleston, SC

My favorite thing about Ponte Vedra: This is where my family is. I also love that every school day, I drink my coffee while I walk and talk with my wonderful friends while we watch our amazing kiddos walk with their best friends.

My least favorite thing about Ponte Vedra: Too many people know about it! I know that we are very proud people and want to tell the world about how great St.Johns ranks in education, health and such, but… the more we tell people, the more people will move here. While great, our town isn’t really ready for so many people! We need more public beach access and a wider A1A. Our new Nocatee School has been open one year, and they are already adding trailers for the third and fourth grade! Also, my dad and bonus mom, Ellen, aren’t here more. (If I could just get him more of a breeze!)

In my spare time I like too? Make anything! I love the industrial arts. I have four kinds of saws, and I love any reason to use them! And Lego projects with my son – it’s great for team building.

Ponte Vedran you most admire: It’s so hard to say, because there are so many amazing people in this little spot. I think I most admire the women of this town who are constantly breaking the mold…having a family is so difficult but it’s incredibly brave when we can also fulfill our own goals…

Whether it’s starting a blog, running a private chef service, running an art gallery, starting a restaurant, running a private club, planning a huge televised golf tournament, starting a charitable foundation or saving a life, I think you are awesome! And my mom, Tammy Kaplan – the woman who paved an amazing way for me here in Ponte Vedra – and the world.

My favorite time in Ponte Vedra: The Players! My mom started working at the Tour when I was 16. After my first tourney, where I soaked it all in, I was hooked. I came every year for the entire week, helping her and all the awesome people at Championship Management! Seeing my mom in such a “big girl” role was so invaluable. But even more so, I loved that she shared it with me.

The best times were when I got to give tee times to the players when they would call in! I also met my husband during the tournament. We literally ran into each other as we were entering/exiting the club house! Now that the tournament is Mother’s Day weekend, and Jake’s dad builds the 17th challenge, it’s changed into a family affair!

Dream Vacation other than Ponte Vedra? LOL- maybe the Ponte Vedra in Spain? In the early years of the Internet, that’s what would come up whenever I tried to “Google” Ponte Vedra.   While there, I would have to eat my way all over Spain!

If I could invite anyone over to dinner – 2 Ponte Vedrans and one famous person – who would you invite? Can it be more than 3 people? This is hard! I would very much like to have one more lunch with the women of the PGA Tour that were/are a big part of my village – Norma Long, Lark Roberts, Jan Leone, Leslie Randolph, Teisha Luphole and my Ma. They were the original working women to me, and I love that I still see them all over town! We would absolutely eat at TPC Sawgrass, like we did back then!

Last time you went to the beach: Last week I took my kiddo to Sandwichman and had a picnic with my first best friend who I met during our boy’s first field trip! Then, our newest best friends came, and we all boogyboarded until the thunder told us to go home!

Last time you saw live music: My mom and I went to Florida Theater and saw the Grass Roots, the Turtles and the Cowsills! Amazing! I still knew all the words from back in the day when my mom always played them. even got Susan Cowsill to come out and meet my mom!

Favorite Ponte Vedra organization: I love the Jim and Tabitha Furyk Foundation. I have known them since I was 15,  yes they are my parents best friends but I give it all I can too because I know how they spend the money we raise.  They are the most kind and generous people. Working in the food business and having a child, I appreciate how much they care about children. Blessings in a Backpack feeds kids! Kids! I can’t give or do what that they can on my own, so I am so thankful that I can help them raise funds. And, I am so grateful to all the chefs and restaurants and food companies that help us do it!

Favorite Ponte Vedra restaurant (or area): I think the best chefs are “behind the gates!” The country club chefs in this town are out of control good. Eric Butcher at Serenata Beach club was a rising star when I met him so many years ago,  he is so inventive with his food! His food is not only sounds good (cause man he can write a menu), but it rivals top city chefs’ food.

Sawgrass Country Club has such a great vibe. Perry Kenney is a a powerhouse in the industry. He is a chef turned manager, and his team can make the food and create a playful atmosphere all at the same time. Their restaurant wars is the place to be!! (Well after their Fourth of July all-day affair).

TPC Sawgrass is a well-oiled group of people. I try to schedule meetings there when I can just to spoil people. Chef Tim’s patty melt, which he makes with in-house ground hamburger, is what I will crave until the day I go. And the best ending is their skillet chocolate chip cookie!

Favorite place for a cocktail: I think it’s my house! Ha ha ha… I’m kind of a “hit” right now with my friends with my Bloody Mary’s. I make them with pickle juice and Ubon’s Spicy Bloody Mary mix. It makes me feel healthy – ha ha ha.

Favorite way to get exercise here: Looking for sharks teeth at the beach. I could walk and walk and not realize I’m in St Augustine! Today I tried paddle boarding on the intercoastal – that might be my new hobby!

Favorite movie: My bonus dad, Lee Kaplan, would say I like every bad movie ever made.  I think it’s just because I like all movies. I am super surprised I didn’t end up in film making. The most recent movie I saw in the theatre was The Spy  with Melissa McCarthy. It was so funny, I missed half the jokes laughing! Oh, I also love love love the movie Chef!

Favorite TV show: Ooooo- the Blacklist, I love James Spader! I also love The Last Comic Standing! This last season’s comics were so funny. Their tour came through here and played the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, and I made my younger brother Matt go! They (PV Concert Hall) have the best soft pretzels btw….

Just for kicks I want to add in my fave Jake show , The Octonauts.  Their writers are witty and we Google every animal they introduce us to – very interactive!

Favorite book: The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo.  My dad gave me this book in 1998, and it sat unread for a long time. I took a chance and moved to a small beach town for a job and packed it. I ended up reading it in 2004. It is the kind of book that you may pick, but really it picks you when you read it. It’s about being born with a certain Personal Journey, and the universe helps you to find it if you can listen. I love that it has been translated into more than 60 languages. Knowing that it’s a book that appeals to so many across the world makes the world a little smaller and brighter!

Favorite band or music: I love live music – anything acoustic too.  I gravitate towards great drummers. I have been a big fan of Widespread Panic since I was 15. Because of them, I have seen some wonderful places in the U.S. – Red Rocks Amphitheater has been the most amazing. Oh, and the Beatles!

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