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Post Hurricane Information and Tips

By Gwinn Volen

Ponte Vedra Beach and its surrounding areas are slowly getting back to normal after Hurricane Matthew. The last of the evacuees are probably still trickling in. The Focus Facebook community did a great job of keeping people up to date on what was going on in different areas post storm. We’ll do a recap of photos later this week.

In the meantime, some helpful information as you get your home back up and running.

Boil Water Advisory Lifted

According to First Coast News, the boil water advisory has been lifted.

Yard Trash Pick Commences Today Per St John’s County – DON’T BAG IT

Private contractors will begin collecting storm-related debris (branches, limbs, brush, leaves, and routine yard waste) throughout St. Johns County on Monday, October 10. During this emergency collection period, storm debris must be piled at the curb. Please do not place debris in garbage bags or barrels, or mix household garbage or construction materials with storm debris. Household trash, and bagged debris of any kind, will not be picked up with storm debris. Contractors will make multiple passes through neighborhoods, so residents can continue moving storm debris curbside until cleanup is complete.

Post-Hurricane Trash and Recycling Collection Schedule
Garbage collection resumes Monday, October 10, and will follow a special post-hurricane schedule:

Monday, October 10
Residents who did not receive garbage collection services on Thursday, October 6 and Friday, October 7 will have their garbage collected on Monday, October 10.

Tuesday, October 11
Standard garbage pick-up schedule resumes. Residents who would have had their garbage collected on Monday, October 10 and Tuesday, October 11 will have their garbage collected on Tuesday, October 11.

Wednesday, October 12
Recycling collection resumes and will follow the standard schedule. There are no make-up days for missed recycling collection.

The above information is straight from the St Johns County Website. The picture of the bags is, well, my yard. Always had a hard time following directions. Doh!

Assessing Damage with a Home Inspector

Ponte Vedra Home Inspector
Steve Kalleo of 1st Coast Home Inspections to the rescue!

If you are unsure if you’ve had water intrusion, and/or aren’t sure if you have claim worthy damage (some have really high deductibles), you might consider calling a local home inspector who can use a moisture meter and infrared camera to inspect possible impacted areas.

Our customers have had good experiences with 1st Coast Home Inspection, Taylor Inspection Services, and Beaches Inspection

Helpful Websites

St Johns County has great information on its website if you want to avoid rumors. It includes information for local businesses and individuals who have obtained a loss as well as information on closings and openings.

Another helpful website is the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

The Ponte Vedra Beach Municipal Services District has also done a wonderful job sending out accurate information. Even if you don’t live within the MSD boundaries, you still might consider subscribing to their newsletter, as often the information is applicable to all Ponte Vedra Beach residents. You can subscribe to the newsletter at the top of the MSD homepage.

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