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Joining together to help those with Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s Disease is life altering. Local Kristen Gray received her diagnosis two years ago and is on a mission to bring services to Jacksonville that can alter the attitude and abilities of area people who have been diagnosed. Please consider donating to her cause to raise $5000 to offset the costs of two generous firms Premier Physical Therapy and  Jax Muay That Gym,  that are willing to provide these services. CLICK HERE to support Rock Steady Boxing in their efforts to help those with Parkinson’s.


Here is Kristen’s story. It is not over yet.

At 42 years old, I juggled a full-time job as a Speech-Language Pathologist while enjoying married life and parenting 2 terrific young girls. One spring day, I felt a twinge in my left hand, then a few weeks later,  I notice my finger on my left hand was shaking at times.  Four months later, I felt my big toe on my left foot twinge off and on.  During “big” meetings at work, I began having to sit on my left hand to get it to stop shaking or to at least try to hide it from everyone else.  Working with Neurology-based disorders for half my career, I knew this was something and not nothing; I knew it was neurological and it was progressing.  So, 1 month later, a General Neurologist said the words I suspected and feared after countless google searches, “I’ve been trying to talk myself out of this for the last 40 minutes, but I can’t.  You have Parkinson’s Disease.”

And so began my journey; a path that now I believe I am meant to be on; a path that has brought amazing people and experiences into my life.  For all those reasons and more, I often say that Parkinson’s Disease has been an “unfortunate blessing” and I am meant to make the most of it.

Since my diagnosis almost 2 years ago, Neurologists have encouraged me to exercise everyday and “Rock Steady Boxing” (RSB) was often recommended.  When I moved to Ponte Vedra, I noticed that while there were 19 RSB affiliates in Florida, none were in Jacksonville!  So, I began reaching out to local health related businesses – both big and small – to bring this program to our area.  After a few months, 2 business owners answered my plea and have agreed that Jacksonville needs it’s own Rock Steady Boxing program to serve all those in the area trying to live the best life they can with Parkinson’s.

Scientists from all over the world are searching for a way to stop this disease or at least slow its progression, but this takes time.  There is no cure and people with Parkinson’s disease can’t afford to wait. The only power known to fight this disease lies with movement – pushing to exercise beyond the tremor, rigidity, pain, and slowness.  Rock Steady Boxing ( is a program designed to stimulate the physical challenges of Parkinson’s at all different stages of this Disease.   This exercise regimen offers real change in one’s day to day life and that change brings hope.

Premier Physical Therapy and Jax Muay That Gym are partnering to provide this therapeutic program in our area.  I promised I would help raise funds to offset the start up costs, including training at the Rock Steady Boxing headquarters in Indiana.  Please help us bring this program to the Jacksonville, Florida area by spreading the word to gain awareness and funding.  All donations will be used to fund training in Indiana, purchase additional equipment, and to lower participant costs.

Let’s begin knocking out Parkinson’s and gain back what it so relentlessly tries to take from us every day – movement and hope!

Linda, 71 years old:

“Today, I have a new lease on life. I am upbeat, happy, and

optimistic – I have HOPE. I have taken control of this disease. It is not controlling me.

The workouts are tough – but I cannot wait to get here each day.”

If you feel inspired, I hope you will share this with friends and family. Thank you so much for any support you can offer to this great cause.


Kristen Gray

To Donate: CLICK HERE to support Rock Steady Boxing in the fight against Parkinson’s Disease.


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